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Tanzania establishes new tourism and diplomatic unit

TANZANIA (eTN) - To ensure security and diplomatic support to foreign visitors and tourists visiting Tanzania, the Tanzania Police Force has established a special unit charged to take care of the safe

Road to Tanzanian border at Lunga Lunga cut by flood water...

Reports have emerged from the Kenyan coast that a key road link between Mombasa and the Tanzanian border at Lunga Lunga has been disrupted, following biblical rainfalls which caused several culverts t

Tanzania appoints three Goodwill Tourism Ambassadors in the United States

TANZANIA (eTN) - In an effort to promote Tanzania as an African tourist destination in the United States, the Tanzanian Minister for Tourism, Mr.

Tanzania tourism set for parliamentary debate this week

The Tanzania’s tourism is set for parliamentary debate mid-this week, at the time this growing African destination is facing challenges in tourism marketing campaigns shouldered by budgetary constra

China eyes Tanzania’s tourism

TANZANIA (eTN) - During the recent visit to Tanzania by the Chinese President Xi Jinping, China has expressed its keen interest to invest in Tanzania’s fast-growing tourism industry, taking advanta

Africa set for milestone tourism events this year

TANZANIA (eTN) - Come the year 2013, African tourism is set to observe milestone events that will take place in various African cities to attract an international travel and tourism audience.

MV Liemba’s fate in balance as Tanzania fails to respond to...

(eTN) - Tourism stakeholders, keen to promote Lake Tanganyika as an additional natural resource area beyond the traditional national parks and coastal beaches, have expressed dismay over reports that

Lack of board appointments for East Africa tourism parastatals cause of...

(eTN) - The absence of substantive boards of directors at the newly-created East Africa tourism parastatals is said to be a further cause of growing dissent within the tourism industry and between sen

Tourism marketing strategy targets key European tourist sources

TANZANIA (eTN) - Tanzania’s just-released International Tourism Marketing Strategy has targeted four European travel markets during the forthcoming five years, while emerging news markets of China,

Tanzania launches international tourism marketing strategy

TANZANIA (eTN) - In a milestone history of tourism promotion partnerships, the Tanzania Tourist Board has launched an international tourism marketing strategy that will place this African nation on to

Tanzania eyes Egyptian tourists through media familiarization tour

TANZANIA (eTN) - Looking to attract tourists from the Arabic and the Mediterranean markets, Tanzania has invited journalists from leading media houses in Egypt to visit and get acquainted with its tou

Invest in Tanzania tourism at your own risk

(eTN) - Citing the ongoing saga over the Lupita Lodge’s owners, who according to the latest information are now also being hounded by the Tanzania Revenue Authority after earlier attempts to frustra

Tourist parks target local communities in Tanzania through tourism gains

TANZANIA (eTN) - Through tourist benefit-sharing initiatives, Tanzania wildlife parks management is looking at social benefits to the local communities neighboring nature-protected areas through touri

Tanzania tourism set for parliamentary discussion this weekend

TANZANIA (eTN) - The Tanzanian parliament is set to discuss the annual budget for the Ministry of Tourism this week, ahead of the first Pan African Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management in Nati

Tanzania set to clear all buildings inside the 60-meter shoreline limit

(eTN) - Information has come to light that the Tanzanian government seems set to implement a ban on coastline construction and has pledged the removal of all buildings, houses, and apparently even res

Killers of Dutch tourist arrested in Tanzania

TANZANIA (eTN) – A few days after a grisly attack and killing of a Dutch tourist outside Tanzania’s famous Serengeti National Park in the northern tourist circuit, scores of suspects have been arr

Tanzania ministerial statement seeks to reassure tourism industry

(eTN) - Tanzania’s recently-appointed Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Khamis Kagesheki, yesterday issued his media statement to the situation on Zanzibar, where violence swept the old St

Snow adorns the crown of Kilimanjaro

TANZANIA (eTN ) - Constituting the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is slowly building up its snow cover, allaying the fears of prominent scientists who had predicted witnessing the emine

New Tourism Minister pledges to cleanse Tanzania’s tarnished image

(eTN) - Disgraced former Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Ezekiel Maige had to return one last time to the ministry he brought into disrepute, in the end costing him his job, when he had to

New rules for Tanzania tour guides aimed to improve quality

(eTN) - Under a recently launched new set of regulations, it will become mandatory for tour guides in Tanzania to register and get licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Mwanza tourism stakeholders demand better infrastructure

(eTN) - According to a regular source from Arusha, tourism stakeholders met over the last weekend in Mwanza, Tanzania’s lakeside port town on Lake Victoria, to discuss the way forward of how to bett

Tanzania’s foreign missions set for aggressive tourism promotion

TANZANIA (eTN) - Through its newly-introduced economic diplomacy policy, Tanzania foreign missions in tourist market sources of Africa, Europe, America, and Asia had set up strategies that would help

Fabulous Kilimanjaro Marathon kicks off with a decade history

Come Sunday, February 26, just two weeks from now, thousands of runners and spectators from sporting, travel, and tourism backgrounds will observe the fabulous annual Kilimanjaro Marathon.

Tanzania Ambassador to the US organizes a leisure safari

TANZANIA (eTN) - In a move to encourage more American tourists and investors, Tanzania's Ambassador to the United States, Mwanaidi Maajar, has tailored a “Discover Tanzania VIP Safari” for a small

VAT refunds for tourists due to commence January 2012

(eTN) - A regular source from Dar es Salaam has provisionally confirmed that the long-awaited VAT (Value Added Tax) refunds for tourists on departure from either Julius Nyerere International Airport i

Tanzania marks 50 years of wildlife conservation and tourism development

TANZANIA (eTN) - From a single national park in 1961, Tanzania is marking 50 years of independence, with well-established and full-fledged protected 15 national parks, rich with wildlife and natural p

Don’t cheat the tax man, Tanzania Minister advises tour operators

(eTN) - Tanzania’s Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Ezekiel Maige, attended a meeting last weekend of the Kilimanjaro Tour Operators Association in Moshi to interact with the private sect

Tanzania security on alert over terrorist insurgency

TANZANIA (eTN) - Following recent Somali terrorist threats to Kenyan tourist beaches along the Indian Ocean coast with grenade blasts in Nairobi, Tanzania has beefed up security in territorial borders

National College of Tourism formally opened in Tanzania

(eTN) - The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism last week officially opened the country’s first National College for Tourism, a long-awaited institution to teach relevant hospitality and tour

Tanzania launches its own World Heritage Committee

(eTN) - The Tanzania Minister for Education and Vocational Training, and notably not the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, earlier this week launched a 7-member national "World Heritage Commi