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Sudan Tourism Industry: ATB President St. Ange wants Africa to stand by Sudan

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 23, 2019 21:48

People in Sudan are tasting freedom for the first time. It will be impossible to go back and tourism is a way to eventually rebuild the confidence and economy of ... Read More

Drink camel milk instead of alcohol says Sudan Tourism Minister

editor editor- March 26, 2013 01:25

(eTN) - Khartoum Sudan’s Tourism Minister Mohamed Abdul-Karim Al Had last week declared the country off limits for tourists expecting to be served alcohol or wanting to dance in a ... Read More

International Council of Tourism Partners welcomes Sudan

editor editor- August 21, 2012 09:09

HALEIWA, Hawaii, USA; BRUSSELS, Belgium; VICTORIA, Seychelles – The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced that the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife has become the first destinatio Read More

Tourism a key economic sector for SPLM-led post independence government

editor editor- April 8, 2011 05:37

(eTN) - A week-long economic review and strategy session by the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement (SPLM) National Secretariat on Finance and Economic Affairs took place recently in Juba, South Sudan. Read More