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Federal vs state immigration – who has the final say?

WASHINGTON, DC - The US Department of Justice has requested a preliminary injunction to delay enactment of SB 1070, passed by the Arizona legislature, filing a lawsuit against the state in federal cou

Sorry state of recycling in the airline industry

Mark Ashley watches with a weary eye whenever flight attendants walk up and down the aisles of a plane to collect the trash on his flights.

Costa Rica tourism report

After increasing from 2.06mn in 2006 to 2.29mn in 2007, the report expects arrivals to have increased to 2.51mn in 2008 before dipping down to 2.29mn in 2009.

China private airlines go from ‘threat’ to state rivals’ prey

China’s private airlines created competition for state-controlled carriers, just as the government wanted. Now, they are the ones suffering from it.

Bolivian state airline set for takeoff next year

LA PAZ - Bolivia will launch a new state airline in January, filling a gap left by last year's collapse of its privatized flag carrier as President Evo Morales steps up his control of the economy.

Utah gay rights advocates oppose boycott of the state

Some prominent Utah gay rights leaders oppose a boycott of the state's ski and tourism industry, being proposed by gay-rights groups angry with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' support

New state airline to be called Rosavia

A new airline being created by the Moscow city government and state-run Russian Technologies will be called Rosavia, Mayor Yury Luzhkov said Saturday, Interfax reported.

Russia’s new state airline will stifle competition

MOSCOW - Russia is creating a new state giant, Russian Airlines, to absorb carriers crippled by the financial crisis, but experts warn it will sideline Aeroflot and reverse years of progress toward a

UNWTO welcomes Norway as a new member state

MADRID (September 23, 2008) - UNWTO is pleased to welcome the Kingdom of Norway as its 154th Member State, representing the 45th Member State within UNWTO's Regional Commission for Europe.

Airline passengers group releases model State Bill of Rights

NAPA, Calif. - The Coalition for an Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights (CAPBOR) today announced the release of its Model State Bill of Rights.