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Lance Armstrong finds French hotels “horrible”

You’d think that with a team of lawyers and PR advisors currently working hard to combat allegations of doping in what is shaping up to be one of the most high profile investigations into drug abuse

Certificates of compliance presented to accommodation operators in Grenada

Fifteen properties in the accommodation sector were recently awarded certificates of compliance from the

Small airlines’ safety standards probed at hearing

Determining whether regional airlines meet the same safety standards as big carriers is “crucial” as investigators probe a Pinnacle Airlines Corp. plane crash that killed 50 people, a U.S.

Cruise ships sailing into Alaska have to meet world’s strictest wastewater...

ALASKA - Cruise lines sailing in Alaska have to meet the strictest wastewater discharge standards in the world by 2010, and they told state regulators this year they can't do it.

‘Mystery Shoppers’ to test tourist industry standards

In a bid to find out what quality of customer service the tourism industry is really offering, Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett will deploy snoops to several attractions over the next six weeks.

Suppliers locked out of luxury cruise business

Ship chandlers have been locked out of luxury cruise business because of failure to meet international supply standards.The local suppliers remain completely shut out of the business by the stringent international standards on the quality of goods that are purchased by the luxury cruise liners.

Jetstar’s fake flyers check its standards

Jetstar is employing "mystery shoppers" to travel on its network and check service standards.The move comes as the Qantas offshoot has eclipsed Europe's easyJet and Ryanair in terms of its growth profile and is heading for more than 100 aircraft in 2012.