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Former Skybus operators mull low-cost airline in Cincy

Officials at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport have been approached by Skybus Airlines’ former operators about launching a low-cost carrier there, but any such endeavor is far i

Former Skybus employees file lawsuit

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ex-employees of Columbus based airline Skybus, have struck back against the company by filing a lawsuit in Federal Court against the now-bankrupt company.

Low-cost airline Skybus shuts down

Skybus Airlines, which offered limited service out of Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, abruptly closed shop Friday night, the latest casualty in an airline industry stressed by rising fuel costs and a slowing economy.Its last flight left Broward County and touched down in Columbus, Ohio, shortly before 1 a.m. Saturday.

How much airline do you get for $10?

Skybus generates a lot of buzz among travelers and travel professionals alike. It advertises $10 fares, and it's one of the first (and few) domestic airlines to follow the Ryanair model—offering rock-bottom prices and charging extra for everything from onboard food and beverages to seat assignments, checked bags, and more.

Airline, famed for its budget flights, cites success in Punta Gorda

PUNTA GORDA — Skybus Airlines is adding another nonstop route into the Charlotte County Airport.This time, it is from the Westover Metropolitan Airport in Chicopee, Mass., within a half-hour's drive of both Hartford, Conn., and Springfield, Mass.

Skybus founder wants to start low-cost airline

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The founder of Skybus Airlines at Ohio's Port Columbus International Airport is planning a similar project for Yeager Airport.

Skybus and the Zen of airline development

PORTSMOUTH — A Zen master sat by a lake with his student. The master asked the student what he saw. The student replied, "Nothing but a lake."

Skybus glitches won’t ground low-cost airline

(TVLW) - Skybus Airlines is still on track for a happy new year despite its recent bleak Christmas, analysts say.The airline, which will soon roll out expanded service at Piedmont Triad International Airport, left some passengers with nothing but coal and switches on Christmas Day when it canceled eight flights in and out of Columbus, Ohio, because of mechanical trouble.

Startup airline Skybus loses $16 million in 3 months

(TVLW) - Skybus, a new airline that offers some tickets for $10, lost $16 million during the three months that ended Sept. 30.The Columbus-based airline said it expected to lose money before becoming profitable next year.The results were "in line" with expectations, said Bob Tenenbaum, airline spokesman.Analysts said the results are troubling.