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UNESCO presses for better preservation of World Heritage sites

The head of the United Nations agency that manages the World Heritage List today called for better protection and preservation of the hundreds of sites around the globe that are currently inscribed on

London Marathon route includes top tourist sights

Many runners taking on the 26.2-mile London Marathon route will be focused on keeping one foot going in front of the other.

Tanzania must diversify its tourism promotion

(eTN) - The Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has given a heads up to efforts preserving and promoting the Amboni caves, located near Tanga along the Indian Ocean shores.

First meeting of World Tourism Expo focuses on promotion of World...

ITALY (eTN) - Bestowing responsible tourism awards is an initiative of the leading Italian travel trade daily, L’Agenzia di Viaggi, the professional journal for tourism under the patronage of Enit,

Cultural sites hold tourism potential for Uganda

UGANDA (eTN) - The West Nile region of Uganda, often overlooked by travelers and certainly not on the map for mainstream tourism yet, has been cited by staff of development and peace partners to ident

New architectural wonders to see in 2010

Form plus function is Architecture 101. But a building that not only is a bright spark on the landscape but also has a surface as idiosyncratic as its structure, well, that's Architecture 2010.

Chile post-quake tourism: Sites are intact, but tourists are scared

SANTIAGO, Chile — Outside Santiago's Fine Arts Museum is a fallen cornice broken into chunks and strewn across marble steps.

Rich history and rugged good looks – world’s most beautiful castles

They may no longer be used for repelling enemy hordes or otherwise defending the kingdom, but these castles still have their rugged good looks. Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh, England

Too many tourists put many attractions on endangered sites list

Travelers yearning to explore prehistoric Stonehenge or Machu Picchu's Inca ruins better start packing, as both are on a list of endangered destinations, according to a British travel magazine.

Attack sites draw tourists, inspire music, comics

MUMBAI - Fancy a painting depicting the horror of last November's attacks in Mumbai?

Earth’s most unseemly architectural monstrosities

Different people have different criteria for what makes a structure unappealing.

World’s most over-rated ancient and historical sites

1. Stonehenge, UK : Famous for its astonishingly huge stones. The summer solstice ceremony held by druids and New Agers confirm it as a cathedral to mystical paganism.

Smart phone tourists can now use a “visual time machine”

Doing virtual reality one better, a consortium of technology companies and European Union countries have created a "visual time machine" that allows tourists equipped with a smart phone to take a pict

“Real” Jakarta slum tourism

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Hidden in the alleyways behind Jakarta's fancy malls and in between the high-rise apartment buildings is what Ronny Poluan, a former film maker, calls the "real Jakarta."

Trading miles is another way to fly

Scott Hintz needed more miles with American Airlines to book a free trip to Morocco this spring, and he had several thousand miles from another carrier that he thought might be just the ticket.

Envoy: Indian tourists will be drawn to China by Buddhism

KOLKATA - Lord Buddha may have been born in Nepal and attained Nirvana in India, but it is China which has the largest number of World Heritage Sites of Buddhism, says Mao Siwei, Consul-General of Chi

Tired of tourist traps? Get ‘distinctive’

A country as large as the United States has more to offer vacationers than magic kingdoms and theme parks, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation offers a list of "distinctive destination" i

Grand Canyon, Loch Ness compete as nature wonders

GENEVA – The Grand Canyon, Mount Everest and Loch Ness will vie with more than 200 other spectacular places in the next phase of the global competition for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, organizers sa

Can’t get to D.C. for Inauguration Day? Consider these historic alternatives

Shortly after Election Day, I had a terrific idea: I would take my son out of school and travel to Washington to witness the historic inauguration of Barack Obama as the first African-American preside

Terror tourism a new thrill for backpackers

New Delhi - When Ramgopal Varma visited the Taj after 26/11, he was accused of indulging in terror tourism. While the Bollywood director was forced

Ahead of the Bell: Online travel sites

NEW YORK - Orbitz Worldwide Inc. was downgraded and earnings estimates for online travel competitors Priceline.com Inc. and Expedia Inc.

Beijing’s top tourism sites: Monumental

BEIJING — You don't need a guide book to know four of this city's five "Must Sees" of travel. Just get the boxed set of travel coffee mugs sold at most Starbucks in Beijing.

Tourists’ most embarrassing questions revealed by English Heritage

English Heritage has released a list of the most embarrassing questions asked by visitors to the country's historic sites and the worst is an unwitting insult to one of Britain's most sombre monarchs.

Cappucci-No: Rome bans snacks at tourist sites

ROME — Don't chow, bella! At least not on the steps of Roman monuments.

Northern Iraq’s Kurdish region seeks tourists

The Minister of Tourism for northern Iraq's largely autonomous Kurdish region, Nimrud Baito Youkhana, says there is plenty for tourists to see in what is known as the cradle of civilization.

Tourism sector logs onto travel-guide sites

NEW DELHI: The $2-billion online travel industry is getting crowded. After various travel portals trying to woo holiday makers to book on their website, it’s user review websites such as HolidayIQ and Trippundit that are mushrooming. These sites don’t sell holiday packages or tickets but tell you more about holiday destinations—what to see, what to do, where to stay et al.

Next generation in meta-search: Content, context and customization

Six to eight billion — according to Yen Lee, a former Yahoo! manager and now president of Internet start-up Kango.com, that’s approximately how many travel-related searches are conducted in North America each year on the Web’s major search engines.