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Tag: Seychelles government

Air Mauritius confirms it will resume flights to Seychelles after 15 years

Alain St.Ange Alain St.Ange- April 17, 2019 01:04

The Mauritian press has confirmed that Air Mauritius will return to Mahé the main island of Seychelles. It was several weeks since the rumor has been circulating, and finally the ... Read More

Former Seychelles President delivers address celebrating national 20th anniversary

editor editor- June 18, 2013 04:51

Today Seychelles celebrates its 20th anniversary of the introduction of the 3rd constitution of the Republic which was established on June 29, 1976 with Sir Mancham as its founding President. Read More

Seychelles commemorates 20th anniversary

editor editor- June 17, 2013 00:08

Seychelles President James Michel was presented with a book entitled, “Seychelles: How Classic Policies Restored sustainability,” in a special ceremony held at State House this afternoon. Read More

Seychelles congratulates Kenya’s new President

editor editor- April 12, 2013 01:58

During a visit to Nairobi to attend the presidential inauguration of Kenya’s new President, the Seychelles Vice President, Mr. Read More

Seychelles and South Africa create strategic partnership

editor editor- January 3, 2013 00:33

On the eve of the New Year, the Seychelles President, Mr. James Michel, has met with the Minister for International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, Mrs. Read More

COMESA approves funding for Seychelles

editor editor- December 29, 2012 00:24

Seychelles has received approval for budget support under the COMESA Adjustment Facility and Regional Integration Support Mechanism. Read More

Former Seychellois hostages return home

editor editor- November 6, 2012 23:41

The two Seychellois former hostages, Rolly Tambara and Marc Songoire, have arrived safely in Seychelles and were greeted by Seychelles President James Michel; Vice-President Danny Faure; Designated Mi Read More

The geo-political importance of Seychelles cannot be underestimated

editor editor- August 27, 2012 05:51

Sir James Mancham, the founding President of Seychelles, writes about the geo-political importance of Seychelles, which he says cannot be underestimated. Read More

Exclusive interview with Sir James R. Mancham, the first President of Seychelles

editor editor- June 4, 2012 05:58

The growing international credentials of the founding President of the Republic of Seychelles has brought out the need for an interview to better understand and appreciate what Sir James Mancham ... Read More

Seychelles President appoints Tourism Board members

editor editor- April 11, 2012 08:20

Following the appointment of Mr. Alain St.Ange as Minister for Tourism and Culture and the appointment of Mrs. Read More

New Minister meets with Department of Culture in Seychelles

editor editor- March 19, 2012 05:42

The newly-appointed Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, has commenced his duties in the Department of Culture with a visit of the departments and sections. Read More

Reactions for Seychelles’ new Minister of Tourism and Culture

editor editor- March 8, 2012 23:42

At the ITB tourism trade fair in Berlin, Alain St.Ange, the new Seychelles Minister for Tourism & Culture, said that he was honored to see that his work, effort, and ... Read More

Alain St.Ange appointed Minister of Tourism and Culture for Seychelles

editor editor- March 7, 2012 23:58

(eTN) - The Seychelles President, Mr. James Michel, has named Alain St.Ange as the islands’ Minister of Tourism & Culture following a reshuffle of his Cabinet of Ministers. Read More

Tourism and culture will be stand-alone Ministry in Seychelles

editor editor- March 1, 2012 04:02

President James Michel of the Seychelles has announced plans to appoint a Minister of Tourism & Culture in his plans to restructure the government. Read More

Seychelles election results are out

editor editor- October 2, 2011 12:37

Three days of peaceful voting came to an end yesterday evening at 7:00 pm across the inner islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, after all other islands had their ... Read More

Seychelles tourism industry speaks

editor editor- September 13, 2011 05:49

SEYCHELLES - An eventful time it has been in Seychelles - a rogue shark made two appearances, the effects of climate change is being felt in different ways, and the ... Read More

Seychelles election time: new party, new game?

editor editor- September 2, 2011 22:25

(eTN) - With the general election just a few weeks away now, Seychelles politics are set to change as a new political party, the Popular Democratic Party, is entering the ... Read More

Seychelles and Red Cross strengthen partnership

editor editor- August 31, 2011 06:23

The Secretary General of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has paid a courtesy call on Seychelles President Michel at State House earlier today. Read More

President James Michel pledges to clean up for a New Seychelles

editor editor- June 20, 2011 06:31

Seychelles President James Michel has pledged to clean up corruption in government and the private sector, drug trafficking, and abuse, as well as areas of inefficiency of public service. Read More

Air Seychelles will continue to fly Creole Spirit

editor editor- March 19, 2011 05:18

Seychelles President James Michel has visited the headquarters of Air Seychelles at the International Airport this morning, where he met with the Acting Executive Chairman Ambassador Maurice Loustau L Read More

Seychelles President Michel meets with Vice President of Zanzibar Tanzania

editor editor- March 3, 2011 03:52

The Vice President of Zanzibar Tanzania Seif Ali Iddi paid a courtesy call on Seychelles President James Michel yesterday. Read More

Seychelles public services go for greater interaction with the people

editor editor- November 8, 2010 09:21

The Seychelles President has commended the Seychelles Revenue Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the successful Open Day activities they had organized on Friday, November 5. Read More

Seychelles tourism safe despite pirate activity

editor editor- April 6, 2009 08:01

Over recent weeks, there have been isolated incidents of pirate activity around certain of the remote southern islands of the Seychelles archipelago which lie close to the East African coast ... Read More

Dirty justice in paradise

editor editor- July 25, 2008 07:30

VICTORIA, Seychelles (eTN) - In the Supreme Court of Seychelles, on 23rd July 2008, Acting Chief Justice A. Read More

Plantation Club Resort & Casino court battle continues

editor editor- April 7, 2008 10:27

VICTORIA, Seychelles (eTN) - The forced closure by the Seychelles government of the Plantation Club Resort & Casino has seen both the main shareholders of the owning company and the ... Read More