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Tax on travel agents for NYC hotel sales begins Sept. 1

Despite continuing efforts by ASTA, ASTA members, and its allies to have it rescinded, it now appears that the recently-enacted new tax on travel agency service fees related to hotel sales for hotels

Achtung ausländische touristen!

BERLIN — Several restaurants in Berlin, one of Europe's most visited capitals, have begun issuing illicit bills to tourists with a message in English nudging them to pay more than is due.

Amadeus launches airline service fees

Bangkok, Thailand - Amadeus today announced the launch of the first module of Amadeus Airline Service Fees, the industry’s first solution to automatically price and collect ticketing fees through mu

‘Tire kickers’ using free information to make reservations online

EDMONTON - Travel agents frustrated by spending hours on research for people who then book trips themselves online are trying to eliminate "tire kickers" by charging consulting fees."People were coming in to probe for information with no intention of booking their trip with us," said Travel With Us owner Francis da Silva, who charges new clients $50.