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Tag: security alert

Security alert: US Embassy in Baghdad warns Americans not to travel to Iraq

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 13, 2019 14:58

The US Embassy in Iraq has issued a security alert, warning US citizens of “heightened tensions” in the country and advising against travel there. The advisory warning was posted on ... Read More

Egypt boosts nationwide security for Christmas and New Year

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 24, 2018 23:15

Egypt's Armed Forces, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, has intensified measures to secure Christmas and New Year's celebrations nationwide, the army said in a statement on Monday. "The ... Read More

Philippine military declares maximum security status in tourist areas

editor editor- April 7, 2012 03:05

MANILA, Philippines - The military command declared a maximum security alert status in tourism areas in the Visayas following two explosions that injured three people in Palawan province on Maundy ... Read More

Passengers detained after airline security alert

editor editor- February 8, 2010 01:59

New Delhi, India - A male passenger and his wife were detained for questioning Sunday after a Dubai-bound flight from Mumbai, India was called back before take-off because of a ... Read More