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Report: Global aircraft seating market worth $4.86 billion by 2017

DALLAS, Texas - According to new market research report, "Global Commercial Aviation Aircraft Seating Market, Forecasts & Analysis (2012 - 2017)", the total global commercial aviation aircraft seating

EasyJet plans to start assigning seats on its flights

Budget airline passengers could soon be spared the ordeal of a seating free-for-all when they board their flights.

Aer Lingus announces One Million Seat Sale

DUBLIN, Ireland - Aer Lingus has announced a massive seat sale across its entire network.

Multi-year conversion brings Economy Plus to new United

CHICAGO, Ill. - United Continental Holdings, Inc.

Lufthansa investing 170M Euros in cabin revamp

Lufthansa is installing some 32,000 new seats on more than 180 aircraft in its short- and medium-haul fleet – within the space of a year.

American Airlines changing interiors of its older Boeing 737s

American Airlines is stripping the interiors of its older Boeing 737s to increase the amount of overhead luggage space, squeeze more seats in and add new TVs.

Make sure you have seat assignment in advance

American Airlines recently began charging passengers to sit in the front of coach class during domestic flights, and there has been a lot of grumbling about it.

American Airlines: Front row seats to cost extra

NEW YORK – American Airlines has found another fee.

Aviation news: American Airlines’ Boeing 737-800s get interior makeover

American Airlines is updating the interiors of its Boeing 737-800s with more comfortable seats, bigger overhead storage bins, and more power outlets for computers and other electronic devices.

To recline or not to recline is not an option

Spirit Airlines is on a roll.

Passengers: Paying to pick seats loathsome

Paying for extras has become routine for airline passengers but it doesn't mean they like it, with a poll showing more than half all travelers hate having to fork out to choose their seat.

Airlines correct to vet passengers for excessive weight

Taking a commercial airline flight is, statistically speaking, the safest way to travel. However, it can still be hazardous to your health.

Overweight passengers should inquire about seat policies before booking flight

Each airline has its own guidelines on whether overweight passengers should buy more than one seat and how much it costs. "Too wide for the sky?"

A skinny airline passenger has rights, too

Robert Evans climbed aboard a small US Airways Express jet in El Paso this past summer and found a very large man occupying half of his seat. "This," he told a flight attendant, "is not right."

Air France may give obese passengers a break

Air France is promising to reimburse obese passengers it asks to buy a second seat if the plane isn't full.

Air New Zealand introduces Cuddle-Class seating

In the ongoing game of creative airline seating, Air New Zealand is introducing a welcome option in the economy section of its new long-haul airplanes.

MegaBus offers free seats for early 2010

Megabus.com, an express bus line serving cities in the Northeast and Midwest, said it will offer 100,000 free seats to customers traveling between Jan.

Hawaii’s tourism may get boost from extra airline seats

In what could provide a much-needed boost to tourism this winter, the state is projecting a modest increase in the amount of airline seats on flights to Hawai'i from December through February.

AirTran to put ads on seatback tray tables

ATLANTA — It soon will be harder to avoid advertising if you fly on one major carrier. AirTran Airways is installing ads on the bottom of seat-back tray tables on all its planes.

Cruise firm welcomes extra airline seats to Fiji

The announcement of new airline operators into Fiji and increased airline seats is good news to the tourism industry, says South Seas Cruises chief executive Kit Nixon.

LAN plans to add 10% in seat capacity in 2010

Chile's largest carrier, LAN Airlines, plans to add 10% in seat capacity in 2010, with cargo capacity up about 16% to 18% next year, Alejandro de la Fuente Goic, chief financial officer, said Tuesday

With fewer seats available holiday fares rise

Some airline travelers are in for a rude awakening this holiday season. Last year, it was easy to find a deal on cheap tickets.

American to reduce capacity by 7.5% in 2009

American Airlines will reduce mainline seating capacity by 7.5 percent in 2009 versus 2008, compared to previous expectations for a 6.5 percent year-over-year decline, Gerard Arpey, chairman and CEO,

As demand plunges, fares drop

More business travelers are moving to the back of the plane, downgrading from business- and first-class seats to coach and adding to airline financial woes.

Legroom is rapidly shrinking on US carriers

If you thought legroom on commercial airlines was already cramped, get set to be squeezed some more.

A 1-2-3 punch for airline passengers?

Corporate travel and ticket sales of premium seats are down. Overall demand is weak. And fuel prices are rising — again.

Business travelers find a middle ground

Many companies are requiring employees to fly in economy class to help slash expenses.