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Mexico chosen for Executive Council on the UN World Tourism Organization

MEXICO CITY, Mexico - The following is being released today by Marca Pais – Imagen de Mexico: During the 19th General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Mexico was un

West African countries call for permanent African seat on Security Council

West African countries today called for enlarging the 15-member Security Council to give their continent its due representation on the United Nations body whose decisions are legally binding, as oppos

New seat brings a whole new meaning to the term Cattle...

It brings a whole new meaning to the term cattle class, a plane seat that is shaped like a saddle and could allow airlines to squeeze in even more passengers.

Getting the seat you want for the price you want

The days of reserving an airline ticket and then selecting a seat for free are numbered. Increasingly, carriers are charging passengers a fee to reserve in certain rows in coach.

Continental Airlines unveils new lie-flat BusinessFirst seat

HOUSTON, TX - Continental Airlines today announced details of a new 180-degree lie-flat seat for the BusinessFirst cabin on its Boeing 787, 777 and 757 aircraft.

Airline says ‘no’ to help for tetraplegic

A Christchurch tetraplegic is being forced to pay thousands of dollars for an in-flight carer because Air New Zealand staff cannot help him into his seat. Alan Pullar said he had to pay for a carer to fly to the United States with him and his wife next month because Air New Zealand would not provide staff to lift him in and out of his seat.

Airline refunds passenger charged for being overweight

Abu Dhabi/Dubai - An overweight passenger who was required to pay an additional Dh800 by an airline to allow him to board his flight has been refunded the extra amount. The Arab passenger filed a complaint after he returned to the UAE against a European carrier which forced him to pay the extra charge before boarding the plane from Zurich, reported WAM.