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Hilton Edinburgh Airport appoints Stuart Cran as new General Manager

EDINBURGH, Scotland – Hilton Edinburgh Airport has appointed hospitality professional Stuart Cran as its new General Manager.

Mountaineers shocked that industrial wind farms could blemish Assynt’s beauty

Scotland’s mountaineers are shocked that Highland Council might support two huge industrial wind farms in superb wild countryside near a National Scenic Area.

Minister: Fewer tourists visiting Scotland, spending less money

EDINBURGH, Scotland - Fewer tourists are visiting Scotland, according to official figures.

Walking and activities are a vital part of Scottish tourism

With spring on its way, more people may be turning to what Scotland has to offer in terms of nature and outdoor holidays.This year has been designated the "Year of Natural Scotland".

Scotland welcomes the world in 2014

EDINBURGH, Scotland - An all-star concert to herald the opening of the Ryder Cup, a huge flotilla to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge, Europe's biggest brass band festival and a

Scottish tourism chiefs: No fear of independence referendum

Scotland's tourism chiefs have insisted they have no concerns about the impact of the independence referendum next year.

Con men target Japanese tourists in Edinburgh

EDINBURGH, Scotland - Police in Edinburgh have warned the public to be on their guard after two Japanese tourists were targeted in a bank card scam by men posing as police officers.

Lederer: Not enough being done to promote Scotland’s malt heritage around...

Speyside is home to half of Scotland’s whisky distilleries but the former chairman of VisitScotland has said not enough is being done to promote its unique malt heritage around the world.

Glasgow expecting a two-year tourism boom

GLASGOW, Scotland - Scotland's biggest city expects a two-year boom in visitor numbers as officials look to reap the benefits of hosting the Commonwealth Games.

VisitScotland pulling plug on its troubled website booking shop

Scotland's national tourism agency is pulling the plug on its troubled website booking shop that was designed to be one-stop gateway to the country for tourists from all over the world.

Scottish tourism bosses admit that wind farms could deter tourists

Tourism chiefs have admitted for the first time that wind farms could drive holidaymakers away.

Scotland sees rise in number of overseas tourists

Visitor numbers to Scotland increased over a 12-month period, according to official figures today.

Unique dialect lost in Scotland after last native speaker dies

Bobby Hogg, the last native speaker of a dialect originating from a remote fishing village in northern Scotland, has died -- and so has the dialect he spoke.

After 10-year debate Edinburgh ditches tourist tax plan

Plans to introduce a controversial tourist tax in Edinburgh have finally been put to bed, after the local council admitted it wasn't a viable option.

Lucky tourist narrowly avoids plunging down Scottish ravine

An Australian tourist has had a lucky escape after she narrowly avoided plunging 40 feet down a ravine.

Edinburgh Dungeon becomes the home of Halloween

The Edinburgh Dungeon is seeking volunteers with a talent for the Dark Arts to help the last survivor of an infamous Scottish witch hunt to revive her coven.

Scotland leads Europe in hotel occupancy rates

EDINBURGH, Scotland - A recently released report by hotel analyst STR Global shows that Scottish cities account for three of the top five European cities with the highest hotel occupancy—a 60% share

Venture beyond Olympic Stadium and find the real British Isles

London may be the center of attention this summer, but venture beyond the Olympic Stadium and you'll find the real British Isles, a world of ancient thatched cottages, monumental castles, elegant univ

Glasgow welcomes London 2012 Olympic Games

EDINBURGH, Scotland - Scotland's largest city, Glasgow, will play host to eight Olympic football matches this summer.

Japanese guide book: Never call a Scottish person English

A new guide book for Japanese tourists visiting Scotland has warned them to avoid people wearing football shirts, and not to eat flat sausages.

VisitScotland launches biggest-ever worldwide campaign

EDINBURGH, Scotland - VisitScotland has today launched its biggest ever global marketing campaign, working alongside Disney-Pixar and their much-anticipated epic action adventure "Brave" to reach mill

Disney flick to boost Scotland’s profile worldwide

It is poised to be the biggest-grossing movie about Scotland ever made, an animated fantasy starring an impetuous princess and comedy Highlanders painted blue with woad, populating a mystical fairy wo

Trump babbles about wind power and Scottish tourism

Donald Trump has told the Scottish Parliament that wind farms will destroy tourism.

2012 Scottish Fashion Awards nominees announced

GLASGOW, Scotland - The Scottish Fashion Awards have announced an impressive nominee shortlist for 2012.

More tourists stay longer, spend more in Scotland

Scotland's tourism industry has been boosted by increased visits and spending over a year, according to new figures.

Scotland heats up for luxury hotel investment

EDINBURGH, Scotland - With five Scottish cities among the top 10 European cities with the highest hotel occupancy rates during 2011, Scotland is heating up as a prime destination for luxury hotel inve

One in four Brits has never been to Wales or Scotland

LONDON, England - With one million more Brits traveling this year, but spending 4% less on average (1,920 per household pounds Sterling)*, it is expected that more holidaymakers look closer to home wh

50 percent boost in Scottish tourism not going to happen

A target for a 50% boost in Scotland's tourism industry by 2016 cannot be met, the Scottish Parliament's economy committee has warned.