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Hanoi considering tourism police to protect tourists from street vendors

HANOI, Vietnam - The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has been asked by its department in Ha Noi to establish a tourism police force dedicated to protecting visitors who are increasingly suffe

Phuket scammers rip off tourists right at the airport

PHUKET, Thailand - Scammers are hijacking just-arrived tourists near Phuket International Airport and persuading them to go to different accommodation on Phuket.

Foreign Office warns English fans of tourist dangers in SA

England football fans hoping to travel to the World Cup finals in South Africa have been warned about possible ticket scams.

Transport minister orders crackdown on airport scams

Transport Minister Sohpon Zarun on Wednesday ordered Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) to step up measures at Suvarnabhumi and other airports to prevent extortion scams.

Tourist scams at Bangkok airport

Bangkok's showcase new international airport is no stranger to controversy.

When in Europe…

Gelato in hand, you're strolling down a street in Italy, when suddenly an attractive woman starts arguing with a street vendor. A crowd gathers as he accuses her of shoplifting.

Riga, Latvia: Enter at your own risk

OTTAWA — The Foreign Affairs Department is warning tourists heading to Latvia to watch out for scam artists operating in bars in the capital, Riga.

Travel scams to avoid

How to avoid resort fees, ID theft and more

Immigration scams could give bad name to travel industry: agents

New Delhi - The immigration racket involving 39 fake Indian pilgrims busted in New Zealand and the BBC sting exposing a massive scam in Britain involving Indians will give the travel industry a bad na

The 14 best travel scams

From Floridian fraudsters to fake Peruvian police, these are the scoundrels out to scam you - plus, tell us your holiday scam horrors.Ever had your holiday ruined by a con artist? Been ripped off by a faker posing as a travel agent? Tell us your tales of the holiday scammers - and whether they got away with it. Use the comment form below