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MGM Resort Las Vegas Visitor Warning: Don’t drink the Smart Water !

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- May 5, 2019 23:55

MGM Hotels and Resorts are setting trends for Las Vegas biggest industry: The travel, tourism, and the gambling industry. When a trendsetter like MGM become rogue, it can affect every ... Read More

The perplexing search for purplicious luggage and the perils of windmills

Dr. Anton Anderssen - special to eTN Dr. Anton Anderssen - special to eTN- April 12, 2019 22:43

April is Stress Awareness Month, but it is also National Humor Month, so I thought I’d go out on a limb and talk about something that stresses a travel bargain’s ... Read More

Exhibiting at IMEX? Scam warning

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- March 21, 2019 19:15

IMEX is one of the most established trade show for the Meetings and Incentive industry. Started by Ray Bloom IMEX is known as the prime MICE trade show every year ... Read More

NYC Winter Show: A treasure trove for hotel interior designers

Dr. Elinor Garely - special to eTN Dr. Elinor Garely - special to eTN- January 31, 2019 23:56

If you love beautiful things like jewelry, sculpture, lamps, art and antiques, there is no better place to get your “fix” of fabulous furnishings and jewels than at the annual ... Read More

United States Cities and tourists spots bomb-threats: Evacuations ongoing

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- December 13, 2018 10:59

Tourist spots, landmarks, shopping centers, are the target of a developing bomb scare in many major cities in the United States. It appears to be a nationwide e-mail extortion scam. Read More

Pakistani defendants deny Emirates airline ticket fraud

editor editor- October 3, 2011 05:21

DUBAI, UAE - Five men denied using false means to buy Emirates airline tickets worth Dh130,000 in court yesterday. Read More

Tourism news: Manhattan luxury building target of tourist scam

editor editor- September 6, 2010 02:42

NEW YORK - A Manhattan building called Camelot is the target of a scam that offers tourists luxury accommodations - then leaves them in the lurch. Read More

Northwest to pay $38M for its role in price-fixing plot

editor editor- August 2, 2010 04:44

Northwest Airlines agreed to pay $38 million reparation after pleading guilty to fixing air-cargo shipments prices. Read More

Snake scam targeted unsuspecting tourists in western India

editor editor- August 2, 2010 04:34

COIMBATORE - It was an ‘Operation Snake’ by forest officials that targeted unsuspecting tourists with an intention of extorting money and the police smelled a rat. Read More

Abandoned Chinese tourists cry foul in Phuket

editor editor- June 21, 2010 01:49

CHALONG, PHUKET - A Chinese tour guide is being held in Chalong Police Station after bringing 11 of his countrymen on vacation to Phuket and then abandoning them. Read More

American tourist arrested in Rio trying to pull insurance scam

editor editor- December 22, 2009 05:27

Rio de Janeiro - American tourist Porfilio Nicholas Anthony, 25, from California, was arrested in Rio early this Monday by officers of the Special Tourist Service (Deat). Read More

“Opt out” scams rampant throughout travel industry

editor editor- September 3, 2009 06:31

Ever buy travel insurance you didn't want? Unintended purchases are yet another of the traps the travel industry sets for you. A recent reader's experience shows how it works: Read More

Tourist scam busted

editor editor- August 17, 2009 04:56

The latest in a series of busts aimed at stopping scams that prey on tourists near Disney World ended up with four ticket sellers being arrested. Read More

Two British tourists imprisoned for alleged insurance scam

editor editor- August 1, 2009 05:44

British tourists Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner are being held in a Brazilian prison known as "Cell Zero-Zero" on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Read More

Hackers renew airline-ticket scam spam

editor editor- October 21, 2008 04:38

In a reprise of a summer tactic, hackers are trying to trick people into infecting their PCs with malware by sending them e-mail that poses as bogus airline-ticket invoices and ... Read More

AAA warns motorists traveling abroad to avoid online driver license scams

editor editor- August 8, 2008 02:21

WASHINGTON, DC (August 7, 2008) - AAA is urging US residents who plan to drive while traveling abroad to avoid purchasing fraudulent International Driving Permits (IDP), especially over the Internet. Read More

The scam the hotel industry will not talk about

editor editor- April 10, 2008 04:29

Pierrefitte-es-Bois, France – Over 60 percent of travelers make their reservations online, but the tactics of the online hotel reservations and booking intermediaries often prevent them from booking direct with ... Read More

Suit calls fuel charge a price-fixing scam

editor editor- February 24, 2008 08:54

Typically, this column stays away from insider industry blather - "Leviathan Cruise Line recently named Dewey Cheatum as Deputy Vice Assistant President in Charge of Marketing and Vacuum Flush Toilet ... Read More

Organ scam gives medical tourism a bad rap in Canada

editor editor- February 8, 2008 03:42

TORONTO - With the unearthing of the Gurgaon kidney transplant racket, medical tourism has got a bad name in Canada, where the alleged kingpin of the scam reportedly has business ... Read More

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