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Cunard backed by Price Promise

LONDON, England - Cunard Line have announced a new scheme that's set to reward the early bird booker in more ways than one.

Getting a deal on a cruise

The high cost of a dream cruise vacation can leave you feeling a little queasy before you even set sail. (And let's not mention the add-ons!)

Simple questions every traveler should be asking to save money

When it comes to saving money on travel, we all know to check discount sites, follow our favorite airlines on social media and monitor our frequent flier points.

Airlines cutting routes, replacing aircraft and going high-tech to save money

NEW YORK, NY - Few industries are hit as hard by high oil prices than the airlines, which can spend close to 40% of their budget on fuel.

Almost three quarters of travelers would be happy to fly with...

SINGAPORE - Survey reveals almost three quarters of travelers would be happy to fly long haul with no frills.

Travelers in Africa to enjoy quick roaming service

(eTN) - Tourists and business travelers in ten African countries can now enjoy quick and substantial roaming savings while traveling from one country to another through free incoming calls to be share

Insider top tips for visiting London

Most people have been to London and seen the classic tourist destinations, but what's the city like through the eyes of a local?

Air France-KLM planning major cost cuts

According to the report in French daily Les EchosAir, airline Air France-KLM projecting annual cost savings of 700-800 million euros ($988.8 million-$1.13 billion) to help it cope with economic uncert

Airline can save $30 per flight for every minute cut from...

Airlines have raced to find the fastest way to board a plane for years, and with good reason. Less time spent on boarding can translate into cash.

Congress to airlines: Stop pocketing tax money

Washington - Airlines benefiting from a unplanned federal tax holiday should save the money for the government or pass it along to the passengers, but should not pocket the money themselves, key congr

How to avoid paying for 10 things not included in your...

The cost of for-fee dining venues on cruise ships continues to rise, hitting an all-time high last month when Disney Cruise Line debuted Remy, its $75-per person French restaurant on the new Disney Dr

Getting the upper hand with your airline

The à la carte fee menu for everything from aisle seats to bags to lunch has brought the airline industry back to profitability.

Illinois shuts down 13 out of 15 tourist centers

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The state government has shut down 13 of its 15 tourist information centers to try to save money.

15 tips on how to save a buck on your next...

If you’re on a trip there are perhaps times when you’ll intentionally fork over too much money for a mind-blowing performance or meal or single bottle of something special. You deserve it.

There are still some great ways to save on summer travel

Several leading airlines promised over the weekend that they would not charge passengers for carry on bags, following Spirit Airlines announcement that it would institute up to a $45-per-bag charge fo

Last year’s prices were rock-bottom, but deals still out there

Did you cash in? Last year at this time, well-mannered travelers with spare dollars in their wallets could pick and choose from some incredible recession-fueled deals.

‘Shark fin’ wings give airline chiefs something to smile about

New wing tips fitted to Air New Zealand's fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft on order could save the airline millions of dollars a year in fuel costs.

“AMA-zing Holiday Savings” with AMAWATERWAYS

Award-winning European river cruise line, AMAWATERWAYS, announced “AMA-zing Holidays Savings” featuring free airfare to Europe on two 2009 itineraries, and 50 percent savings off a second stateroo

Airlines’ quest to cut costs continues

Southwest Airlines has made lemonade out of lemons, squeezing a projected $100,000 annual savings out of eliminating the fruit from its beverage service.

Sun, sand, and savings make for a “Sensational September”

Oaseas Resorts says hello to September and the fall season by celebrating a “Sensational September” with three fantastic events with great rates to match.

Legacy carriers lose customers to discount airlines

Jimmy Lim Chin Hwa abandoned Singapore Airlines Ltd.’s coach class for budget carrier Jetstar Asia Airways Pte two years ago to save 65 percent on the cost of flying.

Ship of fools: Shore excursions can sink your cruise

For years, whenever anyone has asked me for my advice about port excursions on a cruise, I have had the same advice: Don't pay for them.

Five strategies for summer travel savings

The recession probably has many American families reconsidering their summer vacation plans, but with some smart travel strategies, it is possible for the whole family to enjoy a budget-friendly summe

KSL Resorts offers travel savings… bonds, that is

Resorts and hotels are coming up with some interesting ways to lure travelers to their doorstep, and with Americans focused on their savings more than ever in recent memory, the classic American resor

Printable Premier Passports Offer Travelers Thousands of Dollars in Savings on...

America’s Premier Shopping Places offer travel professionals the opportunity to provide clients special offers and amenities via a nationwide incentive program called Premier Passport.

9 ways to save with frequent flier programs

If you don't have a frequent flier reward program number or card, get one when you buy your next ticket.

Take advantage of deeply discounted ‘consolidator’ fares

If my e-mail inbox is any gauge of the current climate, travelers are looking for ways to cut costs on airfare. I’ve gotten lots of questions lately about “consolidator” fares.

Top 10 tips for saving on airfares in 2009

No one really knows where airfares are headed this year (beware anyone who claims they do; they're probably just trying to grab headlines).

New cruise ships offer big savings

The downturn in the economy hasn't stopped the cruise industry. Over a half-dozen new ships will be launched in 2009, complete with the prerequisite bells and whistles.