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Jet2 ditches Belfast airport over runway safety concerns

An airline has ceased operations at Belfast International Airport after citing safety concerns over a runway resurfacing project.

Safety concerns bring China-Philippines tourism to grinding halt

Chinese mainland travel agencies have stopped sending tour groups to the Philippines due to concerns for tourists' safety.

Pakistan: Tourism is next to nil

TAKHT-I-BAHI, Pakistan - Being a frontier state in the fight against terrorism, Pakistan may not rank high as a tourist destination for most people.

Indian states told to make tourist destinations safe

NEW DELHI - Concerned with safety of visitorss and growing incidents of child abuse and illegal human trafficking, India's government has asked the states to crack on possible forms of exploitation an

Airline faces 40-day suspension over safety concerns

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will ask the Federal Court to suspend Cairns-based airline Aero-Tropics from flying for 40 days.