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Tag: safety checks

Hotels in ASIA ignore warning signs of environmental killers

Andrew J. Wood - eTN Thailand Andrew J. Wood - eTN Thailand- February 24, 2019 06:06

Hotel operators in Asia are neglecting public safety. Scientists and engineers have learned the truth about the industry’s apathy when it comes to keeping our hotel and workplace air handling ... Read More

Greater regulation of adventure tourism urged in New Zealand

editor editor- August 30, 2010 05:41

The father of a 21-year-old British girl who drowned while riverboarding in New Zealand will continue his fight for greater regulation of the country’s adventure tourism sector, despite new rules ... Read More

Southwest Airlines to pay $7.5-million fine

editor editor- March 4, 2009 04:51

Southwest Airlines Co. will pay a fine of $7.5 million for flying planes that had missed crucial safety checks -- $2.5 million less than government regulators initially ordered last year. Read More