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Russia denies any plans to introduce ‘exit visas’ after COVID-19 pandemic

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- April 14, 2020 18:47

Russia's Foreign Minister denied that Russia is planning to introduce exit visas for its citizens when international air service is resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic. "So far, this issue is ... Read More

Russia closes borders completely over coronavirus pandemic

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- March 28, 2020 16:24

Russian government announced today that all automobile, railroad, waterway and pedestrian border checkpoints will go on complete lockdown starting next week. According to Russian government officials, the measure is "temporary," ... Read More

Russian cabbie in hazmat suit laughs off coronavirus hysteria

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 10, 2020 16:45

Laughter is known to prolong human life, so the cabbie in Russian Siberian city of Omsk came up with a prank to lighten the mood amid scary reports of the ... Read More

Russia halts all passenger train services with China

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 3, 2020 19:25

Russian Railways, Russia’s largest state-run train operator, announced that it is expanding the temporary suspension of passenger trains connecting China and Russia to include a direct link between the capitals ... Read More

Russia closes border with China, stops issuing e-Visas to Chinese visitors

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- January 30, 2020 15:18

Following orders from President Vladimir Putin for officials to do all they can to prevent the spread of the dangerous new Chinese coronavirus, new Russian Prime Minister has signed an ... Read More

Making money and keeping it: Profits surge at European hotels

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- January 2, 2020 17:10

Hotels in Mainland Europe are generating revenue and keeping more of it. After what’s been a rather bruising year on the profit side, November marked the third consecutive month of ... Read More

Russia Opens Skies over St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 24, 2019 15:53

Russian aviation authorities announced that Open Skies regime at will be introduced at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg for five years on January 1, 2020. According to Russia's Ministry of ... Read More

Russia launches the Chinese Year of Tourism

editor editor- March 25, 2013 05:45

China President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, attended the opening ceremony of the “Tourism Year of China” in Russia. Read More

Don’t go there without this Moscow attorney

editor editor- September 10, 2012 05:00

There are dozens of reasons for hotel, travel and tourism investors, tour operators, and travel agents to look to Russia and other Eastern European countries for growth and expansion opportunities. Read More

Russia travel agents excited about Guam USA

editor editor- April 4, 2012 05:54

TUMON, Guam - A Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) delegation, led by Senator Tina Rose Muña Barnes, conducted separate Guam Destination Workshops and introduced Guam, CNMI and the region of Micronesia ... Read More

Guam launches official GVB Russian language website

editor editor- March 28, 2012 07:37

TUMON, Guam - An official Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) and Mariana Visitors Authority delegation is in Moscow, Russia, and met with the US Consul General and the US Commercial Service, ... Read More

My Planet Travel Awards announces new partner for 2011 awards

editor editor- September 2, 2011 22:56

My Planet Travel Awards is delighted to announce that DELSEY has become a partner of the 2011 awards. Read More

Just 5 days to go to begin voting for My Planet Travel Awards

editor editor- July 28, 2011 07:47

The My Planet Travel Awards are voted for exclusively by the Russian public. Read More

Voting for Russia travel awards hits full throttle

editor editor- April 28, 2011 03:24

The high-profile marketing and voter recruitment campaign of My Planet Travel Awards 2011 is being driven by Moya Planeta TV who is broadcasting the awards advert 20 times a day ... Read More

Cast your votes for Russian travel awards

editor editor- April 12, 2011 04:24

Voter registration is now open at www.myplanetawards.ru for Russian tourists to cast their votes for their favorite Russian tourist attractions. Read More

My Planet Travel Awards 2011 advert debuts on Russian TV

editor editor- April 2, 2011 04:42

The first advert for the My Planet Travel Awards 2011 was broadcast on Saturday March 26 on Moya Planeta TV – introducing the Russian traveling public to the awards and ... Read More

Announcing My Planet Travel Awards, Moscow, September 2011

editor editor- February 11, 2011 04:40

We are delighted to introduce readers of eTurboNews to the My Planet Travel Awards. Read More