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FAA, air traffic controllers reach agreement on new fatigue rules

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association announced details Friday of a new agreement on fatigue recommendations in the aftermath of several incidents in

FAA to propose new rules aimed at reducing pilot fatigue

After a regional airliner crashed in western New York a year and a half ago, killing 50 people, the Obama administration promised swift action to prevent similar tragedies.

Greater regulation of adventure tourism urged in New Zealand

The father of a 21-year-old British girl who drowned while riverboarding in New Zealand will continue his fight for greater regulation of the country’s adventure tourism sector, despite new rules an

Barcelona to tourists: Get dressed when you leave beach

Holidaymakers are peeling off the layers as temperatures soar across Europe but it seems that scantily-clad tourists in Barcelona are getting residents a bit hot under the collar.

EU to end restrictions on liquids in carry-on luggage by April...

The European Union will end current restrictions on liquids in air passengers' hand luggage by April 2013 in an overhaul of aviation security, the EU's executive said Thursday.

Strict visa rules causing huge problem for Irish tourism industry

Strict visa requirements for visitors from certain countries are causing “huge problems” for the tourism industry, the body representing coach operators said yesterday.

Qantas foreign ownership rules to change

QANTAS will be free to become the dominant partner in an airline merger under a Federal Government plan to ease the rules on foreign investment.

New fatigue rules called for by carriers, pilots unions

Representatives of the airline industry and pilots unions agreed to an overhaul of rules aimed at combating cockpit fatigue, according to people familiar with the situation, a move that could bring sw

Fighting pilots’ fatigue might require new rules

WASHINGTON — Crowded skies and exhausted pilots are a bad mix, the airline industry and pilot unions agree, but they're struggling over what to do about it.

Cruise line industry endorses tougher safety rules

The cruise ship industry has agreed to new safety rules making it easier to find out who's knocking at a cabin door.

Kids flying solo

Numerous children ages 5-17 fly within the U.S. without an adult during summer. If your child will be among them, use this update on fees and tips to make the trip smooth.

Many hurry to get travel documents

Filling out an application at the post office on Midway Drive in San Diego last week, Fernando De Santiago was among the last-minute customers who have been lining up there to obtain a passport or pas

Ways to fly cheaper and hassle-free with pets

We dress them up. We feed them gourmet foods. We treat them like members of the family.

New rules for Dubai seek to tame expat exploits

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A peck on the cheek in public? Probably OK. Steamy embrace? Get a room.

Ministry eases laws for foreign cruise ships

Bangalore: Foreign cruise ships can now take passengers all along India’s coast without restriction, after the government eased a law banning foreign-registered ships from calling at more than one I

Can they do that? Travel rules you need to know

A recent “World for $1” promotion by LastMinuteTravel.com promised a room “in any of our 15,000 hotels” for $1 a night. The only catch?

Space tourists to get limited protection

The European Aviation Safety Agency is developing safety rules for civilian space flight - but they will only apply while craft are in the Earth's atmosphere.

US, India, EU discuss relaxing rules on airline ownership

US, India, the European Union and a dozen other countries are exploring ways to liberalize the aviation industry after a weekend summit meeting in Istanbul organized by the International Air Transport

New rules on VAT

Travel and tourism is the largest sector of the EU economy. Europe’s share of global tourism is declining – bad news for European exports.

Overweight Americans sink old boat-safety rule

The growth of America's waistline has hit the waterways. Since it's not polite to throw a man overboard, the U.S.

CLIA Introduces New CLIA ID Card Rules

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has announced that travel agent qualifications for the official CLIA ID Card in 2009 will include enrollment in, or achievement of, CLIA Cruise Counsellor

Cannon primed but won’t fire

The new fuel surcharges adopted by Canadian airlines last month have not only riled consumer groups, politicians and passengers, they have sharpened the focus on why a bit of legislation that passed last summer, which would force airlines to advertise the full price of a ticket, has not been enacted.

TSA rules to blame in pilot’s gun mishap

Washington, DC - Airline pilots and federal flight deck officers (FFDO) say ill-conceived TSA weapons handling rules were to blame for the accidental discharge of a pilot's firearm in the cockpit of a US Airways jet on March 22.

Use ’em or lose ’em

The programs are now more than 26 years old, and chances are you’re a member of at least one of them. Some of you are members of multiple programs. And the numbers, to say the least, are absolutely staggering. Welcome to the addicting, confusing and frustrating world of the airline frequent-flier programs.