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Branson: Space tourism will have only minor impact on climate change

British billionaire Richard Branson says rocket-powered space tourism flights by his firm Virgin Galactic would have only a minor impact on climate change.

Virgin America touches down in New Jersey

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Virgin America today celebrates the launch of its new service to Newark, New Jersey – the 20th destination in the carrier's growing network. At a time when most U.S.

Virgin Atlantic CEO Steve Ridgway to retire in 2013

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Virgin Atlantic CEO Steve Ridgway is retiring early next year, following 23 years with the British airline founded by Richard Branson.

Lonely Planet’s guide to traveling “with the stars”

If you can’t be a star, join them, aptly sums up Lonely Planet’s “new list.” Compiled by the travel guide’s US travel editor, Robert Reid, the list reveals ways you can travel “with the s

Richard Branson turning his attention to submarine tourism

He once promised to send man to outer space and now entrepreneur and daredevil Richard Branson is turning his attention to another of the world's greatest undiscovered surfaces, in the shape of the se

Air France, Delta seek to buy out Branson of Virgin Atlantic

The airlines, which are both members of the powerful SkyTeam alliance, have appointed Goldman Sachs to advise them on a potential approach.

Aviation news: Virgin America goes international

SAN FRANCISCO - Virgin America, the California-based airline, today marks the launch of its first international city and sets it sight on its next destinations.

Sir Richard Branson has seen the enemy and it is carbon

Virgin chief Richard Branson touted the Carbon War Room, a group of entrepreneurs, public sector officials and industry leaders as a way to “remove gigatons of carbon out of industry.” Branson, sp

Sir Richard Branson unveils underwater “plane” for deep sea tours

Adventure Sir Richard Branson has unveiled his new toy - an underwater "plane" for a voyage to the bottom of the sea.

Sir Richard Branson to unveil Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson will unveil a craft on Monday that could soon carry tourists on an out-of-this-world trip into space -- for a mere 200,000 dollars.

Goodbye, Virgin Nigeria; hello, Nigerian Eagle Airlines

The controversial relationship between Virgin Atlantic and its erstwhile Nigeria counterpart Virgin Nigeria has finally came to an end on September 17 at a well attended press conference at the VIP lo

Airline of The Week: V Australia

What's to love about this new airline from Richard Branson? A lot. Let's start with the obvious - really low fares on it's routes between Australia and west coast USA.

British Airways/American Airlines link would be monopoly – Branson

A proposed alliance between AMR Corp's American Airlines and British Airways would create a "monster monopoly," British entrepreneur Richard Branson said on Thursday.

3 Questions: Richard Branson

Q: Virgin just started flying between San Francisco and Orange County last week. Can you make a new route work during a serious recession?

Out of this world!

LISBON, Portugal (eTN) - Every now and again a new form of high-speed transit appears such as the TGV, wide-body airliner, Concorde and so on, but nothing quite compares with the supersonic marvel tha

Virgin takes delivery of Boeing 777 for it’s Australian airline.

Sir Richard Branson must have been a proud man as he took delivery of a brand new Boeing 777-300 ER on behalf of his Australian airline, V Australia.

Branson’s Virgin Nigeria nightmare

Reports have reached from acquaintances in Nigeria about the latest developments over Sir Richard Branson’s Nigerian aviation (mis)adventure.

AirAsia X: How low can you go?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (eTN) - AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman Rani has been asked the same question many times: How much longer can his long-haul low-cost carrier AirAsia X continue with its business mode

Virgin Atlantic to walk away from Virgin Nigeria

LAGOS, Nigeria (eTN) - Virgin Atlantic, majority shareholder and core investor in Nigeria’s flag carrier Virgin Nigeria, is set to de-invest is shareholding in the airline.

South Australia wants space tourists

The South Australian Tourism Commission wants British billionaire, and head of Virgin, Richard Branson, to consider the State's outback for one of his most ambitious ventures.The British entrepreneur hopes his Virgin Galactic spacecraft, which is still being developed, will take tourists into space within the next two years.

US ‘must embrace cross-border airline ownership’ says Branson

Sir Richard Branson has called on the US government to be “brave” and embrace cross-border ownership of airlines and ensure that phase two of the open skies deal benefits European carriers.

Will Virgin fly in Russia?

MOSCOW - Virgin Group is in talks with a Russian company to set up a new local airline, Virgin owner Richard Branson said on Thursday, but analysts doubted he could overcome political obstacles to make it a reality."Now is the time for Virgin to come to Russia," Branson told reporters. "We are in discussions with a Russian partner. We will announce in three months who that partner will be."

Branson’s Virgin Group seeks approval to launch domestic airline in India

New Delhi, India - The U.K.'s Virgin Group is seeking permission from the Indian government to launch a domestic airline in the country, its chairman said Monday.«As a foreigner I'm not allowed to own a domestic airline ... I'm still lobbying to get permission to launch a domestic airline in India,» Richard Branson told reporters on the sidelines of a business meeting.