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Visa requirements in Africa hamper trade and job creation

TUNIS-BELVEDERE, Tunisia - "Africa is one of the regions in the world with the highest visa requirements.

Minister: Islamist government will have no effect on booze and bikini...

Egyptian beach tourism is here to stay under the country's new Islamist-led government, the tourism minister said this week, as the hospitality sector weighed the effect of recent clashes outside the

Muslim Brotherhood: No stringent restrictions on foreign tourists

Saying it wants to boost tourism, the Muslim Brotherhood has issued assurances that it will not seek to impose stringent restrictions on foreign tourists.

Tunisia’s Islamists promise no restrictions for tourists

Western travelers planning to visit Tunisia in the near future have been reassured that the Islamist Ennahda party, which won the most votes in assembly elections last month, will not be imposing rest

China’s new policy eases travel restrictions to Taiwan

Mainland China’s Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association has announced that it will ease travel restrictions to Taiwan, the ROC Ministry of Transportation and Communications said Nov. 10.

UN: Israel’s occupation of Arab territories stifles economic growth

Employment and economic conditions in the occupied Arab territories continue to be stifled by restrictions imposed under Israel’s occupation and the policy of separation, according to a report by th

Bishops welcome new Obama policies on Cuba

WASHINGTON - The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) welcomed an Executive Order by President Obama broadening the scope of travel allowed to Cuba and allowing non-family remittances

Japanese government to ease restrictions on Chinese tourist visas

TOKYO - The Japanese government plans to relax the restrictions on income conditions for granting visas to individual Chinese tourists as of July 1 in a bid to attract more Chinese to Japan, Kyodo New

Canada has the right idea when it comes to carryons

Because of the failed Christmas Day bomb attempt on board a plane bound for Detroit from Amsterdam, security measures in Canada were tightened.

Loews CEO Tisch: US did a “good job of killing” hotel...

Jim Tisch, the leader of Loews Corp., said the U.S.

Taiwan eases restrictions on Chinese tourists

Travel agents on Taiwan's outlying islands of Kinmen and Matsu will be allowed from May to apply online for travel permits on behalf of Chinese tour groups who want to visit the two islands via direct

Canada eases carry-on restrictions

Canada has relaxed its carry-on luggage restrictions on flights to the United States.

Restriction on US visas to HIV-positive tourists lifted

Washington - Foreign nationals who are HIV-positive will find it easier starting Monday to visit the United States.

Nigeria: US calling the country ‘security risk state’ is unfair

Tough times await Nigerian travellers to the United States as the US Transportation Security Administration has listed Nigeria and nine other countries as ‘security risk states.’

Terror attack attempt results in more restrictions on air travelers

WASHINGTON - U.S. authorities imposed more restrictions on air travelers on Saturday after a terrorism attempt on a Delta Airlines flight Friday.

Exhausting visa regime underminds Uzbekistan’s attempts to develop tourism industry

Narrow medieval streets leading to blue-tiled palaces and mosques.Crowded oriental bazaars filled with merchants hawking their wares.Teahouses featuring carved wooden pillars and doors.

Carry-on liquids keep being restricted by airlines

Air travelers counting down the days to the end of rules restricting carry-on liquids – the ones that force you to carry everything in little bottles – will need to keep counting for a while.

Visa travel restrictions between Syria and Turkey end

The foreign ministers for Syria and Turkey announced that Syrians could travel to Turkey without visas, and vice versa.

Fertility tourism boom prompted by NHS restrictions

Hundreds of women over the age of 40 are travelling to fertility clinics in Europe to try to get pregnant because NHS clinics in the UK will not take them, the first-ever Europe-wide study of fertilit

“The Americans are welcome here”

Cuba’s tourism industry will have enough capacity for the surge of American travelers expected should U.S.

India restricts tourists to save its last tigers

Tourists are to be banned from the heartlands of the 37 national tiger reserves in India amid fears that their presence is hastening the demise of an increasingly endangered species.

MP: Ban tourists

An MP wants to ban tourists from using the Bander Al Dar Port because most women are scantily clad while others behave inappropriately by kissing and cuddling in public.

Cuba Libre?

When the Obama administration announced last month that it was easing restrictions on travel to Cuba, there was an initial flurry of cheering followed by a "Huh?" After all, the new rules allow only A

US eases Cuban travel, money restraints

WASHINGTON – In a measured break with a half-century of U.S.

The Cuban tourism industry might welcome US visitors, but some Canadians...

Canadians aren't exactly tossing back celebratory mojitos at the prospect of Americans soon being able to travel freely to Cuba, an island many Canucks covet as their own.

5% of sickbeds will be available for medical tourists

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs announced Monday that it was restricting the number of sickbeds at large general hospitals available for foreign patients to 5 percent of the total.

American tourists are welcome, but we’re not planning on it, say...

HAVANA - 40,500 Americans visited Cuba in 2007, and officials from the two shores of the Strait are predicting that the number could double if travel restrictions for Cuban-Americans, US academics, an

Ease Cuba travel restrictions? Some Americans hope so.

Growing up in America, Joshu Harris was captivated by the mystique, music and history of Cuba.

Australia may ease Qantas foreign ownership curbs -minister

SYDNEY - Australia will not allow an outright foreign takeover of national airline Qantas but would consider raising foreign ownership limits amid merger talks with British Airways, a minister said.

China reverses plan to reopen Tibet to tourism

The Chinese authorities appear to have U-turned on plans to allow foreigners back into Tibet next month amid fears that protesters could disrupt the Olympic flame's trip to the summit of Everest.Their decision comes in the wake of demonstrations which have dogged the torch relay on its passage through London, Paris and San Francisco and look set to continue in other cities.