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Rwanda gets ready to launch religious tourism circuit in Kihebo

(eTN) - The Tourism and Conservation Department of the Rwanda Development Board will this week launch the country’s first religious tourism product, focusing on the Kibeho area in Southern Rwanda.

Rites of Holy Week are in progress in the Salento region...

ITALY (eTN) - The Salento region, geographically positioned in the remote Southeast of Italy, extends its land to the extreme southern heel of the boot-shaped peninsula, and its eastern lands almost r

Faith-based travelers hold the key to Jordan’s growing tourism

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Faith-based travelers hold the key to Jordan’s growing tourism industry, Kevin Wright told 150 local travel professionals during a workshop in Amman, Jordan, on Saturday.

Sacred sites: value beyond belief


Fundamentals of faith-based travel delivered to online audience

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Kevin J. Wright delivered the fundamentals of faith-based travel to an international online audience.

Religious tourism growing in UK

Religious tourism is on the increase with a growing number of people visiting historic places, according to the Church in Wales.

Faith-based tourism a two-way street

Thousands of US citizens travel abroad to visit religious sites and regions, but faith-based tourism is a two-way street.

Mauritius to promote spiritual heritage tourism

(eTN) - Hot on the heels of a report about the establishment of the "Praslin Heritage Route" in the Seychelles, comes news from Mauritius, another member of the "Vanilla Islands," that they, too, will

Identifying trends in faith-based tourism

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Faith-based tourism will be an important focus at the 2011 NTA Convention in Las Vegas, highlighted by the association’s first-ever Faith-based Tourism Leaders Forum, set for D

NTA hires expert on faith tourism

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - NTA is taking steps to expand its members’ opportunities for business within the US$18 billion faith-based tourism and hospitality market, starting with hiring an industry expe

Report: Religious tourism to bring 15 million visitors to Saudi Arabia

The religious tourism sector in Saudi Arabia, which generated more than $7 billion in 2009 and registered 12 million visitors to pilgrimage sites, will attract 15 million visitors in 2013, said a repo

Najaf thriving as a religious tourism destination

The city of Najaf in Iraq is thriving as a religious tourist destination for Shia Muslims, with thousands of Iranians making a weekly pilgrimage to the sacred Imam Ali shrine.

Monks and residents collide in tiny Assiut

Assiut is a tiny, reserved, quiet tourist town in Egypt with few post-Pharaonic attractions gaining widespread tourist attention.

Lebanon to capitalize on religious tourism

BESHWAT, Lebanon — Abandoned wheelchairs and crutches are propped up against the walls in the entry hall, left there for good by believers who say she healed them when no medicine could.

Marketing in times of financial crisis: Tourism recovery strategies for turbulent...

A common believe among tourism professionals is that the financial crisis has damaged the entire tourism industry evenly.

Cairo explosion near popular Apparition Church blamed on Hezbollah

Investigators of the bombing incident that took place May 12 near the famous Virgin’s Church in Cairo nabbed their suspects.

Jordan River to host thousands of pilgrims

Thousands of Christian pilgrims are expected to congregate at the “baptism site” at the Jordan River to mark Epiphany and pilgrimage day.

Amid conflicts, Middle East region pins hope on religious travel

Despite hard times in today’s financial world, tourism has been given hope in religion and faith-based travel.

From peace through tourism, Jordan expands religious tourism

Jordan, the Biblical Land of Refuge in the Middle East, is the only location in the Holy Land that links the lives of Abraham, Jacob, Lot, Moses, Elijah, Ruth, John, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, to name a

Onward Christian tourists, destination…Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Jamaica plans to tap into the thriving market for religious-oriented tourism to invigorate the island's sagging economy, government officials and business leaders said.

Jamaica to tap into lucrative market for religious tourism

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Jamaica plans to tap into the thriving market for religious-oriented tourism to invigorate the island's sagging economy, government officials and business leaders said Wednesday.

Religious tourism taking off in Agra

Agra - Most tourists flock to Agra to see that ever-beautiful monument to love, the Taj Mahal, but the city is a treasure trove of many religious monuments as well.Now the Agra Hotels and Restaurants' Association has released a new tourist guide map, highlighting centuries-old shrines in the city.