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Refunds to passengers of Air Australia likely to “be nil”

There are fears some passengers will never get their money back after the revelation collapsed budget airline Air Australia owes creditors up to $90 million.

IRS: Passengers won’t get back money stolen by airlines

Reports now show that most airline passengers that traveled during the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration will not be getting any kind of tax refund.

Delta to refund money pocketed during FAA shutdown

ATLANTA - Delta Air Lines announced Monday it will process tax refunds for customers traveling during the suspension of non-essential services of the Federal Aviation Administration.

40,000 customers caught in the Tiger trap

Not enough is being done to help the more than 40,000 people caught in the Tiger trap - and the airline itself is the worst offender.Customers who ring seeking a refund can wait hours.

Air ticket refunds increase since Bin Laden’s death

ARLINGTON, Va. - ARC announced today that refunds for airline tickets sold by U.S. travel agents, including online travel websites, have increased in the days since Osama Bin Laden's death.

More financial troubles for Air Tanzania

Complaints were received from travel agents in South Africa about the apparent nonchalant way how Air Tanzania’s (ATCL)

JetAmerica folds before it can open

JetAmerica officially will not get off the ground in August. Read the article on USA TODAY: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/item.aspx?type=blog&ak=68494789.blog

JetAmerica delays its first flights for 31 days

JetAmerica, the nation's newest low-fare, air-carrier service that offers non-stop seats starting at US$9 each way, announced it is self-imposing a 31-day delay of the launch of its first flights, whi

JetAmerica having trouble getting off the ground

NEWARK, N.J. — A fledgling discount airline is having trouble getting off the ground.

Clear ceases operations

Verified Identity Pass, Inc., which operated private airport security express lanes in 18 airports under the Clear brand name, has ceased operations effective June 22, 2009.

Qantas Holidays to refund Fiji tourists

Qantas Holidays says it is working with customers affected by the Fiji floods to "get them a good result" following a complaint the company had left Australian tourists out of pocket.

Tourism chief disputes airline refunds

A "balanced solution" is needed when it comes to compensating airline passengers denied permission to board a flight because it has been overbooked, according to the Southern African Tourism Services

Nationwide refunds ‘ongoing’

Nationwide Airlines says its operations are back to normal although it is still refunding customers who could not use their tickets while the airline was grounded.The airline has resumed all flights in the Eastern and Southern Cape after it was grounded for two months for safety reasons last year.