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Tag: recession

Magellan Jets celebrates another year of growth

editor editor- February 28, 2019 23:04

Magellan Jets is celebrating another year of growth, averaging 30% growth over the last 11 years.  2018 saw the most renewals in history, with a renewal rate of 27%. Their ... Read More

Alitalia airline: Of back doors and scoundrels?

Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy- February 22, 2019 01:37

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio, meeting the unions at Mise, (Ministry of Economic Development) outlined the account of the new company, AZ, and declared, ... Read More

Minister: Egypt’s tourism had a leap in 2017 and large boom in 2018

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 19, 2019 02:20

Speaking at a press conference with the board of the Egyptian Tourism Federation on Monday, Egyptian Tourism Minister Rania al-Mashat praised the country's tourism sector as one of the fastest ... Read More

Jamaica PM speaks at launch of Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre

editor editor- January 31, 2019 02:12

At the launch of the Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre, Jamaica Prime Minister Hon. Andrew Holness shared his thoughts on the importance of the work being initiated today ... Read More

South Asia Tourism finds prominent footing in world economy

Anil Mathur - eTN India Anil Mathur - eTN India- January 24, 2019 01:16

A just-released UN report, provides facts and figures to show the importance of South Asia Tourism. Read More

Back to school: Learning how to look good

Dr. Elinor Garely - special to eTN Dr. Elinor Garely - special to eTN- January 19, 2019 21:04

Those that ponder the importance of “beauty” should recognize that the industry is valued at billions of dollars and is supported by men and women. Read More

Mineta San José International Airport sets new record for travelers served

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 20, 2018 01:12

With the arrival of Alaska Airlines Flight #346 from Seattle today, Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) marked a significant milestone by serving its 14.3 millionth traveler. Passenger Sergio Aguilera, ... Read More

IATA: Airlines heading for a decade in the black

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 12, 2018 06:30

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts the global airline industry net profit to be $35.5 billion in 2019, slightly ahead of the $32.3 billion expected net profit in 2018 ... Read More

World Travel Market Vision Conference Research Revealed

editor editor- April 19, 2012 05:06

The UK travel industry will remain at the mercy of the local and global economy this year, with the London 2012 Olympics creating as many challenges as opportunities, reveals research ... Read More

Cashing in on the luxury travel market

editor editor- January 3, 2012 08:14

Despite the worldwide recession, there is one area of the tourism market that is rapidly expanding, that is the upscale or luxury market. Read More

IMF: Hong Kong may slide into recession

editor editor- November 22, 2011 05:13

Hong Kong could slide into a recession next year because of depressed trade and instability in the financial sector, the International Monetary Fund warned. Read More

McDonald’s is selling the Quarter Ouncer and the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas is now managed by Somali pirates

editor editor- September 25, 2011 15:06

The recession has hit everybody really hard... -My neighbor got a pre-declined credit card in the mail. -CEO's are now playing miniature golf. -Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen. Read More

IMEX America optimism index hints that worst of recession may be over

editor editor- October 28, 2010 05:29

Positive responses to a meetings industry survey of buyers and suppliers in North America suggest returning levels of confidence and rising business expectations. Read More

IMF completes first review under Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Seychelles and approves US$3.3 million disbursement

editor editor- July 2, 2010 01:48

The executive board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has completed the first review of the Seychelles’ economic performance under the three-year Extended Fund Facility Arrangement (EFF). Read More

France receives 6% fewer tourists in 2009

editor editor- April 14, 2010 08:11

France, the world’s most visited country, received 6 percent fewer tourists in 2009 because of the economic crisis and unfavorable currency rates. Read More

Despite regional travel downturn Amadeus reports strong performance

editor editor- April 13, 2010 06:08

Amadeus reported that its company has shown growth in bookings of more than 9 percentage points compared to the previous year. Read More

Exhibition industry declines over 12 percent since last year

editor editor- March 25, 2010 07:57

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced the results of its final 2009 CEIR Index report, which indicate that industry declined 12.5 percent. Read More

Readjusting travel spending in the recession

editor editor- March 25, 2010 07:27

Produced by American Express Business Travel’s expert insights research team, a report has been compiled examining how corporations have adapted their travel programs in response to the global reces Read More

Business travel increases as recession eases

editor editor- March 20, 2010 02:20

In a recent survey of business travelers, it was revealed that as the recession begins to ease, so do the purse strings on business travel. Read More

T.20 Ministers’ Meeting promotes dialogue for best practices

editor editor- February 27, 2010 04:41

The T.20 Ministers’ Meeting is a member-driven initiative, acting as a forum for the growth and development of sustainable tourism by promoting dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and best ... Read More

Medical travel outside US falls substantially

editor editor- December 1, 2009 04:49

While medical tourism is likely to remain popular long-term, it's taken a real hit as the U.S. has struggled with the recession. Read More

Recession sparks global shoplifting spree

editor editor- November 12, 2009 05:51

The global recession isn't just making jobs scarce and spending money tighter - it's also turning more people into thieves. Read More

WTTC maintains the longer-term outlook for travel and tourism is still bright

editor editor- November 11, 2009 02:54

2009 has seen the worst recession since the 1930s, with global GDP contracting by an estimated 1.3 percent. Read More

Winter in Italy could put thousands of jobs at risk

editor editor- September 18, 2009 06:40

The Italian Tourism Federations are simultaneously addressing to the newly-formed Italian minister of tourism petitions for assistance, suggestions and plea to help the Italian tourism industry to imp Read More

Mediterranean holiday island’s tourism market feels European recession

editor editor- September 11, 2009 03:38

NICOSIA — Cyprus tourist arrivals plunged 10.9 percent during the first eight months of 2009, official figures showed on Thursday, signalling little respite for the recession-hit economy. Read More

New travel social network helps beat recession blues

editor editor- August 26, 2009 05:45

Go-Lo.net, a new travel social network that breaks down the traditional barriers that have stood between travelers and travel journalists, publicists, agents, vendors, and anyone else with good, actio Read More

Heavy reliance on a single industry hurts Hawaii’s economy

editor editor- August 18, 2009 07:11

HONOLULU - Hawaii is facing its worst recession since becoming a state 50 years ago, dragged down by its reliance on a single industry. Read More

Guam’s Filipino tourism arrival on the upswing

editor editor- August 10, 2009 04:56

Matua Agupa Corp., the marketing arm of the Guam Visitors Bureau in Manila, is projecting a 5 percent to 8 percent increase in Filipino travelers to the island territory during ... Read More

BA: Will keep focusing on premium travel

editor editor- July 15, 2009 05:36

British Airways Plc won’t budge from its strategy of focusing on premium travel even as the recession saps demand for its most lucrative services across the North Atlantic, the carrier’s ... Read More

Battered by recession, Caribbean tourism is looking for the way out of crisis

editor editor- July 13, 2009 04:05

How should Caribbean governments seek to support tourism during a global recession? Read More

Surge in attempted fraud is feared by travel groups

editor editor- July 7, 2009 07:13

The travel sector is braced for a surge in holiday season internet and telephone payment fraud attempts, as financial crime responds to the recession and improved credit card security. Read More

Better cheap than empty

editor editor- June 20, 2009 09:31

As U.S. hotels try to lure a shrinking number of business and leisure travelers, the industry appears to have adopted a new motto - "Better cheap than empty." Read More

Full-blown recession and economic meltdown make Iceland more accessible for tourists

editor editor- June 16, 2009 05:51

REYKJAVIK, Iceland - In better times, Nina Bjork, one of Iceland's fashion glitterati, would be busy styling photo shoots for the island's top design houses. Read More

Examining the global luxury travel market during the recession

editor editor- May 29, 2009 05:11

In April 2009, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. engaged Market Metrix to conduct two surveys to gauge the views and behaviors of its hoteliers and consumers during the ... Read More

Luxury hotels in Hong Kong empty out as recession hits tourism

editor editor- April 7, 2009 05:33

Hong Kong - Luxury hotels in Hong Kong are seeing occupancy rates fall steeply as travellers seek cheaper accommodation because of the global economic slump, according to government figures released ... Read More