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Congo goes back to its bad self?

Armed personnel from the DR Congo have over the last weekend again perpetrated a raid into Ugandan waters in Lake Albert, breaking previous agreements over the ownership of Rukwanzi Island.

Rebels free train passengers in eastern India

PATNA, India – Suspected Maoist rebels hijacked a train with hundreds of passengers aboard in a remote area in eastern India on Wednesday, a day ahead of parliamentary polling that the guerrillas ha

Former rebels guide tourists in Aceh

As Indonesia's Aceh province recovers from the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, a new company there is hiring former guerrilla soldiers to use their skills for tourism.

Kurdish rebels release kidnapped German tourists

Turkey's foreign ministry says Kurdish rebels have released three German tourists who were kidnapped earlier this month in the east of the country.

Conflicting advice on Sri Lanka safety

Sri Lanka’s fragile peace was shattered last week by a new wave of violence that threatens to destroy the island’s struggling tourist industry. A week after the Sri Lankan government ended the five-year-old ceasefire, Tamil Tiger rebels bombed a bus in the town of Okkampitiya, 150 miles east of Colombo, leaving 38 dead and wounding scores more.

Backed by UN, peace summit commences in Congo

(eTN) - A United Nations-supported conference aimed at bringing peace, security and development to the strife-torn eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has begun, UN said Monday. The peace summit is said to be ongoing in North Kivu province, where fighting has uprooted hundreds of thousands of people in the past year.