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Tag: re-election

Guillaume Faury formally appointed Airbus Chief Executive Officer

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- April 10, 2019 19:59

Airbus SE shareholders passed all resolutions at its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), including the appointment of Guillaume Faury as an Executive Member of the Board of Directors for three ... Read More


Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- January 1, 2019 17:20

The United States has withdrawn from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), citing "anti-Israel bias" persisting within the UN agency. The US decision took effect late Monday, ... Read More

Taiwan expects Chinese tourism to surge after Ma re-elected

editor editor- January 16, 2012 07:59

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan is likely to surge with President Ma Ying-jeou’s re-election, a tourism insider said yesterday. Read More