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Explosions rock Sri Lankan town as police hunt for Islamic terrorists behind Easter bombings

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- April 26, 2019 15:38

Three explosions have reportedly rocked a city on Sri Lanka’s eastern seaboard as the police and the army carry out searches targeting suspects from last weekend’s deadly bombings. The explosions ... Read More

US Immigration: Grammy-nominated US rapper illegal alien and convicted felon

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 4, 2019 16:15

A US recording artist, who's been long considered to be a homegrown Atlanta talent, has been taken into custody by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which said he is ... Read More

Campsite raided in Masai Mara conservation area

editor editor- July 28, 2010 02:26

(eTN) - Reports are being received from Nairobi that shortly after 8:00 pm on Monday night, a group of armed raiders, thought to have crossed the border from Tanzania into ... Read More

Israeli piracy on high seas sparks crisis

editor editor- June 1, 2010 04:44

JERUSALEM – Israel's bloody, bungled takeover of a Gaza-bound Turkish aid vessel is complicating U.S.-led Mideast peace efforts, deepening Israel's international isolation and threatening to destroy Read More

Thai airport raid leaves tourists stranded

editor editor- November 26, 2008 06:12

BANGKOK - Thousands of tourists were left stranded today in Bangkok after anti-government protesters stormed the terminal of one of Asia's busiest airports. Read More

Federal police raid tourist pharmacies

editor editor- August 14, 2008 03:55

TIJUANA – About 250 federal agents occupied a four-block area of the Avenida Revolucion tourist district for several hours yesterday searching for drugs: neither cocaine, nor heroin nor marijuana, b Read More