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China seals off Ziketan after plague deaths

BEIJING – A second man has died of pneumonic plague in northwest China, in an outbreak that prompted authorities to lock down a town where about a dozen people were infected with the highly contagio

Swine flu, Australian tourism and travel insurance? Some worries, mate

Since my last eTN article on this issue a few short weeks ago, there have been some worrying developments in Australia.

Swine flu arrives in Turkey: 6 tourists in quarantine

A US tourist arriving in Turkey with the Dutch KLM airlines has been identified as having swine flu. His mother has also been diagnosed as carrying the H1N1 virus.

Mexico lashes out against Chinese quarantine

BEIJING – Mexican officials angry about China's decision to quarantine more than 70 Mexicans over swine flu fears sent a plane Monday to the communist country to bring its citizens back home.

Airline passengers put in quarantine at Pearson

Toronto - More than 70 passengers returning from Tel Aviv were placed in quarantine at Pearson International airport last night after a number of travellers fell ill. Three passengers were taken to hospital.The plane, Air Canada flight 085 from Tel Aviv, was carrying about 200 passengers.