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Singapore rejected Qantas’ premium airline idea

SINGAPORE - Singapore said "no" when Qantas asked if it could set up a premium airline here, Mr Simon Hickey, head of the Australian carrier's international operations, has revealed.

Qantas to increase Honolulu services

Qantas Airlines is increasing the number of flights from Sydney, Australia into Honolulu, HI. The additional service will depart Sydney at 7:45pm on Saturdays and arrive in Honolulu at 9:30am the same day. The return flight will depart Honolulu at 10:50am on Saturdays and arrive in Sydney at 5:30pm the following day.

Market, competition and the sheriff – Qantas under siege

Qantas's nightmare start to 2008 shows no sign of ending, with its shares tumbling to their lowest level since Airline Partners Australia launched its ill-fated $5.45 takeover bid for the airline in December 2006.

Australian airline investigates mid-air power failure

Investigations have begun into a mid-air incident involving a Boeing 747, owned by Australian airline Qantas, on a flight from London to Bangkok. Qantas has confirmed that flight QF2, carrying more than 300 passengers was 15 minutes from Bangkok on Monday, when it lost all electrical power, and was forced to use its backup battery system. The flight landed safely without further incident.