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Carriers slow to add in-flight Wi-Fi on international flights

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As competition expands among airlines to offer passengers the latest in-flight entertainment options, intercontinental routes have been slow to add Internet service.

Kingfisher pilots refuse to fly without pay

MUMBAI, India - Kingfisher Airlines may face a critical test in keeping its schedule going from Monday with its pilots refusing to operate flights if their pending salaries and dues are not cleared in

NZ police: Speeding tourists causing problems

Last year's national road toll was the lowest in almost 60 years, and a senior Invercargill police officer says a shift in people's attitudes is partly responsible.

Conflict over water between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan possible

German Der Tagesspiegel is sounding an alarm about the possibility of re-emerging conflict in Central Asia, this time between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

2011: One blow after another for travel industry so far

We're just three months into 2011 and it's been one blow after another for the travel industry -- not even considering blizzards and the soaring price of fuel.

Double blow to Malta’s tourism industry

The problems in Libya and the region coupled with the uncertainty over Air Malta have struck two blows to the tourism industry, according to hotels and restaurants association president George Micalle

2010 FIFA World Cup was never pledged as a solution to...

“Recent news articles have favored the sensational rather than the fact in decrying the lack of benefit felt by the poor ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™,” said Cape Town Tourism CEO, Mariette

Iraqi airline industry showing signs of recovery, but faces many problems

Cruising down the runway at 200 kilometres per hour in Stafford Clarry's sleek SUV, you can’t help feeling impressed with the Middle-East’s newest airport.

Strict visa rules causing huge problem for Irish tourism industry

Strict visa requirements for visitors from certain countries are causing “huge problems” for the tourism industry, the body representing coach operators said yesterday.

Despite Lebanon’s problems people are visiting in their millions

BEIRUT - “The only thing I miss about the US is uninterrupted electric current,” says Ali, a 20 year old Lebanese-American English Literature student spending his summer break in Lebanon.

Travel companies are sending collection agencies after their customers with greater...

It wasn't John Martellaro's fault. His rental car's registration had expired, so he was pulled over twice and ticketed on his way to the Philadelphia airport.

Problems in Georgian tourism

Georgia was once famous for its tourist attractions, and tourism business became a priority for the country after the Rose Revolution and some steps in this direction were made.

Boeing chief sees no sign of a recovery in the industry...

Speaking ahead of the opening of the Paris Air Show on Monday, Scott Carson admitted he was "a little more pessimistic" than the plane maker's in-house economists, but said he sees no sign of a recove

Movie magic just tourism fantasy

The global economic downturn and escalating fuel costs are affecting long-haul tourism from overseas, with foreign visitation numbers stagnating since the Sydney Olympics.

Airline industry woes in Europe

Greece said on Wednesday it would close Olympic Airlines and relaunch it as a private company, ending years of wrangling with Brussels over the loss-making state airline.

More problems for Qantas

Qantas has suffered yet another mechanical scare, with the carrier forced to delay a Sydney-bound flight from London by more than 15 hours because of problems with the plane's rudder.

Tough sell: Touring audacious Afghanistan

Sanjeev Gupta thinks it's about time war-torn Afghanistan had a tourism industry in a peaceful corner of the country.

Trouble in paradise: It’s time to rethink tourism

The tourism sector was dealt a major blow following the disputed December post poll chaos.

Airline Apocalypse – a personal take from the Inside

I'm a flight attendant, but I don't work for Aloha, Frontier, or ATA. My company's balance sheet is in the black for now, but that could all change tomorrow. The history of commercial aviation is wrought with stunning take offs, and piles of burning rubbish. TWA and Pan-Am grew too big and fell out of the sky. Others barely made it off the ground before fizzling out.

AMR chief takes blame for recent airline turbulence

After American Airlines’ third straight day of cancellations totaling nearly 2,500 flights and the grounding of 300 MD-80 jetliners for additional safety inspections, Chief Executive Gerard Arpey said during a press conference on April 10 that he took responsibility for the situation and he expressed his profound sorrow for the stress it has caused passengers.

Perhaps FAA should look North for how it’s done

Do you have a complaint about an airline? Are you stuck on the tarmac in your attempts to get attention?Send your complaints to Ottawa – more specifically, to the Canadian Transportation Agency, which is slow, but surprisingly successful in dealing with airline disputes.

You know you’re a troubled airline when even Aeroflot refuses to...

Rome - You know you're a troubled airline when even Aeroflot refuses to buy you.Italy's national air carrier, Alitalia, spent much of 2007 searching unsuccessfully for a buyer. The airline is heavily in debt, loses about $1.6 million a day, is plagued by strikes and is saddled with an aging, fuel-guzzling fleet.

New Orleans open for (tourism) business, with mixed reviews

The tourism slogan sounds almost romantic: "Fall in love with New Orleans ... all over again."In September, NBC's "The Today Show" labeled the city as the second Most Beautiful Place in America. Visitor spending has surged to $5 billion annually, behind the strength of the Jazz & Heritage Festival and Mardi Gras, as well as numerous other events and conventions.