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Nearly 100 people killed in Mali’s Sunday massacre

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- June 10, 2019 15:10

An overnight attack on Sunday targeting an ethnic Dogon village in Mali left 95 people dead, local mayor Moulaye Guindo told Reuters. “Armed men, apparently Fulanis, fired at the population ... Read More

At least two people dead, many injured in Virginia Beach municipal building shooting

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 31, 2019 22:21

First responders and police have responded to reports of an active shooter at a municipal building in Virginia Beach - city on the Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of Chesapeake ... Read More

20 people killed, 31 injured in fiery Mexico bus crash

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- May 29, 2019 23:30

A crash involving a bus and a tractor-trailer in Mexico's eastern state of Veracruz on Wednesday left 20 people dead, the local government said. The bus was traveling from Mexico ... Read More

Sri Lanka bans all face coverings after Islamic terrorists kill 253 people in Easter attacks

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- April 29, 2019 18:40

Under a state of emergency after a spate of suicide bombings last week, Sri Lanka has imposed a ban on all forms of face coverings. The measure is aimed at ... Read More

Second strong earthquake strikes central Philippines on Tuesday

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- April 23, 2019 15:10

A new powerful earthquake hit the central Philippines on Tuesday, a day after a 6.1-magnitude quake rattled the country’s north and left at least 16 people dead. The US Geological ... Read More

‘Stable genius’ Trump to Boeing: Add ‘some great features’ & rebrand 737 MAX

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- April 15, 2019 15:30

President Trump offered some unsolicited advice to aviation giant Boeing on how to tackle the problems with its Boeing 737 MAX model after worldwide grounding. The presidential wisdom fit into ... Read More

Zero: Boeing receives no commercial orders for its troubled 737 MAX aircraft

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- April 11, 2019 19:50

Boeing did not win any commercial orders for its 737 MAX jet in March following a second deadly crash involving the plane. It is the first time in seven years ... Read More

Why the New Zealand mass murder is a United States Terror Problem?

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- March 15, 2019 18:04

New Zealand tourism means unmatched beauty, adventurous, filled with eclectic animals, people concerned about the environment, and lots of sheep. This country was attacked twice yesterday by a white terrorist ... Read More

Why does the European Union Parliament condemn Zimbabwe again?

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- February 14, 2019 23:36

The European Union yesterday renewed sanctions against Zimbabwe after condemning the chaotic situation of human right abuses in that Southern African country. Here is what the joint resolution by the ... Read More

17 people dead, many injured in New Delhi hotel fire

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- February 12, 2019 20:03

In a major fire in New Delhi shoddily built budget hotel, at least 17 people have died and several others were injured. The blaze in the early hours of the ... Read More

Terror shooting in Strasbourg: 2 dead near popular tourist Christmas Market

editor editor- December 11, 2018 11:40

A gunman is reportedly on the run in Strasbourg after shooting two people dead and injuring at least 11 others in a terrorist attack near the city’s celebrated Christmas market. Read More

Over 550 dead in Uttarakhand floods

editor editor- June 22, 2013 08:29

The death toll from flooding and landslides following heavy monsoon rains in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand has passed 500. Read More

Nepal urges foreigners to take precautions against cholera

editor editor- August 15, 2012 08:47

KATHMANDU, Nepal — The cholera outbreak that has claimed 13 lives in the remote west of the country prompted Nepal to issue a warning for foreign travelers. Read More

At least 10 dead after plane crashes into minibus in Ghana

editor editor- June 3, 2012 04:18

ACCRA, Ghana - At least 10 people were killed, after a cargo plane overshot the runway and crashed into a minibus loaded with passengers at Accra airport in Ghana. Read More

At least 19 people die in Qatar shopping mall fire

editor editor- May 29, 2012 06:51

A fire erupted in a nursery in a shopping mall in Qatar's capital city, Doha, late Monday morning, killing 19 people, at least 13 of them children, a government official ... Read More

13 dead, 50 missing in Nepal avalanche, flood

editor editor- May 6, 2012 02:28

(eTN) - At least 13 people are dead and over 50 missing in Seti River Flood resulted by an avalanche in Annapurna mountain range in Kaski, western Nepal Saturday morning. Read More

At least 103 dead in Indian ferry disaster

editor editor- May 2, 2012 10:25

BURABURI, India - At least 103 people are dead after a passenger ferry capsized and sank in a remote part of northeastern India, according to local officials. Read More

4 dead, over 100 injured in attack in Belgium

editor editor- December 14, 2011 02:34

A man threw grenades and shot into crowds of commuters and shoppers in the industrial city of Liege, Belgium. Four people were killed and over 100 injured, according to USA ... Read More

New Caledonia protest over high cost of air travel turns deadly

editor editor- August 8, 2011 03:53

The French government has tried to calm tensions on the south Pacific archipelago of New Caledonia after four people died and 23 were injured in clashes during a protest at ... Read More

2 killed, 18 wounded in Manila bus bombing

editor editor- January 25, 2011 14:22

MANILA, Philippines – Manila officials say that at least 2 people were killed and 18 others wounded in a powerful explosion that ripped through a passenger bus in the Philippine ... Read More

Plane crashes into RV park, explodes

editor editor- January 19, 2011 07:40

Two people died Tuesday when a single-engine plane crashed into a recreational vehicle park near North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a local official said. Read More

At least 13 people die in mudslides and floods in Brazil

editor editor- January 12, 2011 00:44

SAO PAULO – Heavy rains have triggered mudslides and floods in southeastern Brazil. Authorities say that at least 13 people were killed. Read More

Russian-made plane crashes in Pakistan, 12 dead

editor editor- November 29, 2010 03:02

Dzhemal Tamazashvili, director of the Georgian airline Sun Way, said on Sunday that a bird strike is the likely cause for the crash of a Russian-made Il-76 cargo plane in ... Read More

More than 330 die in Cambodian festival stampede

editor editor- November 23, 2010 03:09

More than 330 people died in a stampede on the final day of the Water Festivalin on a small Cambodian island. Read More