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Jamaica Tourism Minister announces March 27 for Registration of Tourism Workers Pension Scheme

editor editor- March 2, 2020 20:32

Jamaica Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, has announced that registration for the historical and highly anticipated Tourism Workers Pension Scheme will begin on March 27, 2020. The landmark Tourism Workers ... Read More

Jamaica Tourism Minister Upbeat About Workers’ Pension

editor editor- February 8, 2020 01:48

Jamaica Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, is upbeat that workers in the sector will be able to fully register for the pension scheme starting in March 2020. The Tourism Workers ... Read More

Jamaica Tourism Workers’ Pension Act now in Effect

editor editor- February 3, 2020 21:04

Jamaica Tourism Minister Hon. Edmund Bartlett says the appointed date on which the Tourism Workers’ Pension Act came into operation was January 31, 2020, with registration for the scheme to ... Read More

Over 200 Jamaica hotel workers attend pension sensitization

editor editor- November 21, 2019 20:54

Two hundred and fifty (250) hotel workers from Iberostar Montego Bay, attended a pension sensitization session yesterday in Jamaica. The session, spearheaded by Minister of Tourism, Hon Edmund Bartlett, was ... Read More

Jamaica Tourism Minister urges Employers to Fully Participate in Pension Scheme

editor editor- October 19, 2019 19:04

Jamaica Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, is urging all employers in the sector, to participate fully in the Jamaica Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme, which is scheduled to become operational ... Read More

Tear gas and burning tires in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo as Brazilians begin general strike

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- June 14, 2019 23:55

Thousands of Brazilians have joined a general strike, called for by trade unions, to protest against pension reforms being discussed in Congress. In Rio de Janeiro, police launched tear gas ... Read More

Seychelles trade partners up-to-date with new European regulations

editor editor- June 11, 2019 22:50

Mr. Julian Grupp, CEO of Seyvillas, facilitated the workshop, which aim at keeping the tourism professional abreast of the new practices on the European markets and was held on Tuesday ... Read More

Jamaica Minister Hon. Bartlett: Tourism success held up by dedicated workers

editor editor- May 11, 2019 00:02

The Jamaica Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, addressed the state of his country’s tourism in the following article written by him: We cannot highlight enough the fact that the ... Read More

Jamaica Tourism Workers’ Pension Bill to be debated May 21

editor editor- May 10, 2019 00:19

The long-awaited Jamaica Tourism Workers' Pension Bill is one step closer to becoming a reality. This as Jamaica Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says the pension bill will be ... Read More

Uganda travel and trafficking

editor editor- March 23, 2019 19:00

Sub-Saharan Africa has enormous tourism potential: leopards lounging in acacia trees, elephant herds drifting across vast savannah plains, gorillas and chimps rioting in deep forests, the earliest traces of human ... Read More

Airbus reports strong Full-Year 2018 results, delivers on guidance

Dmytro Makarov Dmytro Makarov- February 14, 2019 07:02

Strong 2018 performance, guidance delivered Revenues € 64 billion; EBIT Adjusted € 5.8 billion; Free Cash Flow Before M&A and Customer Financing € 2.9 billion EBIT (reported) € 5.0 billion; ... Read More

Spanish investors on board with Jamaica training and pension scheme

editor editor- January 29, 2019 00:40

The largest block of Spanish hoteliers and investors, Inverotel, has indicated they are fully on board with training through the Jamaica Centre of Tourism Innovation (JCTI) as well as the ... Read More

Waikiki Beach Marriott workers overwhelmingly vote to ratify new contract

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 22, 2018 16:24

UNITE HERE Local 5 members who work at Waikiki Beach Marriott voted overwhelmingly today to ratify a union contract that covers nearly 500 workers. The contract is modeled after the ... Read More

Air Canada names new Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Operations

Chief Assignment Editor Chief Assignment Editor- December 20, 2018 00:05

Air Canada today announced the appointments of Michael Rousseau to the new position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, and Craig Landry to Executive Vice President, Operations, ... Read More

Highlight of 2018 China Sports Culture Expo & China Sports Tourism Expo

Dmytro Makarov Dmytro Makarov- December 12, 2018 10:00

On December 11th, the grand opening ceremony of the 2018 China Sports Culture Expo & China Sports Tourism Expo. China Sports Culture Expo is hosted by the General Administration of ... Read More

About to be on Strike: Flair Airlines

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- December 7, 2018 18:16

The Canadian Union of Public Employees has filed 72-hour strike notice for Local 4060, representing 139 flight attendants who work for ultra-low-cost carrier Flair Airlines. Read More

Lawsuit by Continental Airlines against pilots dismissed

editor editor- October 20, 2009 06:45

Continental Airlines alleged that nine pilots and their spouses obtained "sham" divorces for the purpose of withdrawing pension funds early. Today, US District Judge Gray H. Read More

Continental claims 9 couples split to get lump-sum payout of pensions

editor editor- May 25, 2009 03:48

Some people may marry for money, but recently several airline pilots have been accused of divorcing for cash. Read More

Boeing makes best and final offer to its employees

editor editor- August 29, 2008 07:01

SEATTLE, WA (August 28, 2008) - Boeing today presented its best and final contract offer to almost 27,000 employees represented by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers in Read More