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No Easter Travel for Palestinian Christians in Gaza

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- April 22, 2019 05:02

There are around 1,100 Palestinian Christians in Gaza, many of whom are descended from the earliest Christians in Palestine (where Christianity originated). For the first time, Israeli authorities denied all ... Read More

Bubbe. It’s OK. It’s Kosher for Passover

editor editor- June 3, 2013 05:49

As a child I thought all wine was kosher; what could possibly be treyf? Who would have the chutzpah to make grapes - quietly fermenting in oak or stainless steel ... Read More

Israel expects 250,000 visitors for Passover, Holy Week

editor editor- April 16, 2011 02:26

Jerusalem, April 15 - Israel’s tourism is holding steady for the upcoming Passover and Easter holidays despite the turmoil in neighboring countries and recent terrorist and rocket attacks. Read More