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Transplant tourism under fire

Moves to combat "transplant tourism", in which patients from rich countries pay large sums to have organ transplants in poor ones, are gaining pace, experts have told an international conference.

Transplant tourist sees one way out

If all goes as planned, Ibrahim El-Sheikh will farewell his wife and two toddlers in the thick of winter, then board a flight to Lahore in Pakistan.There, the Canberra house painter will be escorted by an unknown middleman from the arrivals hall at the airport to the Aadil Hospital, where he will hand over $27,000 in cash for a kidney he hopes will save his life.

Philippines bans kidney transplant ‘tourism’

The Philippines today announced a ban on kidney transplants involving overseas patients in an effort to stamp out the murky organ trade, which preys on some of the country's most vulnerable and impoverished people.The thriving "transplant tourism" trade made the Philippines one of the world's cheapest places for wealthy foreign patients seeking to buy a new kidney.

Organ scam gives medical tourism a bad rap in Canada

TORONTO - With the unearthing of the Gurgaon kidney transplant racket, medical tourism has got a bad name in Canada, where the alleged kingpin of the scam reportedly has business interests, tour operators here said.The case of Amit Kumar "gives medical tourism a bad rap," Aruna Thurairajan, owner of a medical tourism firm, said.