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Feds verify whistle-blower’s allegations of Northwest’ noncompliance with FAA safety orders

WASHINGTON — Complaints by a federal inspector that Northwest Airlines wasn't following FAA safety regulations and wasn't being held accountable by the agency have been verified by government watchd

Pilots appeal license revocation

WASHINGTON — The Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot Minneapolis by 150 miles have filed appeals of their license revocations with the National Transportation Safety Board.

Wayward Northwest pilots licenses revoked

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators have revoked the licenses of the two Northwest Airlines pilots who flew past their Minneapolis destination by 150 miles last week.

Letters over merger fly between Delta and International Association of Machinists

Yesterday, Robert Roach, Jr., general vice president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers made public a letter written to Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson asking fo

Northwest and Delta flight attendants eager to vote for union representation

Flight attendants say the Delta-Northwest merger has created a single airline, in which currently Northwest Airlines flight attendants are unionized, while Delta Airlines flight attendants have no uni

Stupid is as stupid does

DENVER — A man accused of telling an off-duty Northwest Airlines pilot that he had explosives in his carry-on bag was sentenced to four years probation for making false threats.

Northwest passenger had tuberculosis, airline says

A passenger on Northwest Airlines Corp. Flight 51 from Frankfurt to Detroit on March 10 was found to have tuberculosis, the airline said today.

Machinists respond to Northwest – Delta Airlines merger

WASHINGTON, DC (September 25, 2008) - Robert Roach, Jr., general vice president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), issued the following statement after Northwe

US government OKs Delta, Northwest merger

The proposed merger of Delta Air Lines Inc. and Northwest Airlines Corp. cleared another government hurdle Monday.

Machinists urge Northwest, Delta shareholders to scuttle merger

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today announced its has contacted Northwest Airlines Corporation and Delta Air Lines Incorporated shareholders to voice concerns over the proposed Northwest-Delta merger.

Minn. congressman confirms Northwest, Delta merger talks

U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar said he “vigorously opposes” an airline merger between Northwest and Delta airlines. The Minnesota Democrat said he had summoned Northwest executives to discuss merger talks.

This airline wins the most from ‘Open Skies’

(TVLW) - For Northwest, the skies truly have turned out to be open. The fifth largest U.S. carrier is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of two key liberalized aviation agreements reached this year. As a result of the open skies pact approved by the European Commission in March, Minnesota-based Northwest will operate three new flights to London's Heathrow Airport.

Midwest Airlines Extends Codeshare Agreement With Northwest Airlines

MILWAUKEE (TVLW) - Midwest Airlines is extending its codeshare agreement with Northwest Airlines to include nonstop Northwest routes from Indianapolis to Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma and Tampa. Passengers may begin travel in Indianapolis or in any of the destination cities.

What would a Northwest merger mean for region?

(TVLW) If it's true that the struggling U.S. airline industry is poised for consolidation, what does that mean for passengers in Detroit? A merger involving Northwest Airlines Corp. -- Detroit Metro Airport's biggest carrier -- could create easier travel planning for customers. On the other hand, they may end up paying more for tickets, industry watchers say.