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North Korea opens border town to Western visitors

"Warmly welcome Simon Cockerell David."

American tourist sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea

An American has been sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea after entering the country as a tourist.

Main border crossing between North Korea and China closed to tourists

DANDONG, China - Main border crossing between North Korea and China has been closed to tourist groups, a Chinese official has said as nuclear tensions mounted, but business travel was still allowed.

Despite rhetoric and war threats, South Korea’s tourism up 11.9 percent

SEOUL, Republic of Korea - "So, how can we promote Seoul as a safe destination in the foreign media in the midst of the current North Korea situation?"

South Korea swears in first female president

SEOUL, South Korea - Park Geun-hye made history Monday by becoming South Korea's first female president, pledging to secure South Korea against the threat of an increasingly hostile North Korea at the

Pyongyang claims that tourism is booming in North Korea

North Korea is celebrating alleged rise in the number of tourists visiting the country, including those coming from Europe.

North Korea allows foreigners to use cell phones

If you're planning on traveling to North Korea sometime soon - and why wouldn't you be?

North Korea blames Seoul for the death of Mt. Kumgang tourist

North Korea on Saturday claimed the July 2008 shooting death of South Korean tourist by the North's troops in the Mt. Kumgang resort was the "product of a deliberate scheme" from Seoul.

North Korea relaxes tourism policies

Some policy changes are slowly starting to take shape in North Korea.Radio Free Asia reports North Korea's tourism policies have been eased significantly in recent months.

North Korea hopes to attract more Chinese tourists

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is improving its infrastructure in the hope of attracting more Chinese tourists, which show Pyongyang's desire to tap into China's booming tourism market, acc

North Korea rocket launch wreaks havoc on international air traffic

Several airlines will re-route flights over the Philippines to avoid a rocket North Korea is expected to launch between this and next week, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines says.

Kim Jong dead: four scenarios of what may happen in North...

North Korean television announced in a “special broadcast” that its leader, Kim Jong Il, has died in Pyongyang on December 17 at 8:00 am. He collapsed on a train. Kim was 69.

UN: North Korea cannot feed its people for the “foreseeable future”

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) cannot feed its people for the “foreseeable future,” the United Nations relief chief reported today, urging the world to step up humanitarian sup

Chinese tourism to North Korea plummets

The number of Chinese tourists visiting North Korea has fallen considerably, U.S.-based Radio Free Asia reported on Tuesday, citing a diplomatic source in Beijing.

North Korea turns to Facebook to promote its flagship airline

North Korea, the secretive regime that regularly delivers bombastic threats and insults to its enemies, is tinkering with a different approach to promote its flagship airline: cordial customer service

North Korea launches new tours from China, snubs Seoul

A rusty cargo ship festooned with welcome banners today arrived at North Korea’s Diamond Mountain resort – marking the launch of new tours from China, which snub Seoul and aim to replace suspended

North Korea wants foreign tourists

SEOUL - North Korea said Tuesday it would open an air route with Malaysia next week as the isolated communist country seeks to attract more foreign tourists in an apparent bid to earn much-needed hard

North Korea plans to attract foreign tourists with ferry

SEOUL - North Korea appears likely to use a ferry to try to attract foreign tourists, a source familiar with the issue said Friday, in what could be an attempt to earn much-needed hard currency.

Inter-Korean tourism talks rejected by Pyeongyang

North Korea has, in effect, rejected working level talks with South Korea on the inter-Korean tourism program at Mt. Geumgang.

North Korea to designate Mt. Geumgang as international tourism zone

North Korea announced a plan Friday to designate the Mt. Geumgang tourist region as an international tourism zone to attract foreign investment.

UN: North Korea needs $1 million to curb disease outbreak

Around $1 million of equipment and vaccines are urgently needed to help stem outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), where farm animals are cru

Korean Tourism Organization chairman says South Korea is safe to visit

On the current situation between South and North Korea, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) president Charm Lee assures that the tension would not escalate into a full-fledged war and did not reflect the

South Korea orders residents of border islands to take cover

South Korea ordered residents of Yeonpyeong Island and four border islands to take shelter Monday in preparation of military exercises on the same day an emergency meeting of the U.N.

Korean tourism hurt by Yeonpyeong crisis

According to Korean tour operators, an increasing number of foreign visitors are canceling trips to South Korea, following last week’s North Korean artillery attack.

North Korea’s attack has no effect on tourism

SEOUL (eTN)- International meeting industry representatives at Korea MICE Expo 2010 looked undeterred by North Korea’s attack on Yeongpyeong Island located west of the Korean Peninsula.

North Korean strike prompts South Korean threats of retaliation

Seoul, South Korea - Hours after North Korea's deadly artillery attacks Tuesday, South Korea's president said "enormous retaliation" is needed to stop Pyongyang's incitement, but international diploma

First Chinese tourist train to North Korea kicks off a four-day...

SHENYANG - China's first tourist train to neighboring Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) kicked off a four-day tour Saturday with more than 400 passengers aboard.

First Chinese tourist group arrives in Pyongyang

PYONGYANG - A Chinese tourist group made up of 35 government officials and tourists arrived in Pyongyang on Monday, becoming the first of its kind to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (D

Pyongyang freezes South Korean real estate in Kumgangsan tourist region

PYONGYANG - Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has passed a decision to freeze South Korean real estate in the Kumgangsan tourist region, the Korean Central News Agency /KCNA/ sai

North Korea rejects joint investigation of South Korean tourist shooting

North Korea rejected an offer by South Korea to conduct a joint investigation of the fatal shooting of a South Korean tourist by North Korean soldiers in July 2008.