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East African Tourism fraternity sees more light from Seven Natural Wonders...

The tourist fraternity in East Africa has expressed everlasting joy after selection of four natural tourist attractive features into the list of Seven Natural Wonders of Africa.

Serengeti migration commences – will it be one of the last?

(eTN) - The great herds of wildebeest are stirring again after the calving season in the low-grass plains between the Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

Ngorongoro success raises sustainability questions

Almost 454,000 visitors were recorded in the financial year 2008/9, which ended on June 20, 2009, entering the fabled Ngorongoro Crater in northern Tanzania, earning TANAPA about 34 billion Tanzania s

Roads bad in parts of Ngorongoro

After the holiday period some information has filtered back from Arusha, that travelers to and beyond Ngorongoro complained of bad roads in the wider Ngorongoro area, in particular extending towards t

Mwangunga sends SOS message to frustrated Maasai in Ngorongoro

ARUSHA, Tanzania (eTN) - Native Maasai population will not be evicted in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Shamsa Mwangunga has announced, sending a "save our souls"

Tanzania to mark 50 years of milestone discovery of origin of...

DAR ES SALAAM - Tanzania is set to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the milestone discovery of the skull of the oldest man in the world that was made by Africa’s famous archaeologists, Dr.

Drought puts wildlife in danger in Tanzania

Arusha, Tanzania (eTN) – Drought in Tanzana’s northern highlands has reached deadly proportion, killing nearly 100 cattle in Longido and wildlife along the sprawling borderline of Kilimanjaro and

Despite global financial crunch, Tanzania tourism is optimistic

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - Tanzania could see its tourist industry survive through global financial turbulence, a survey by the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) at the world’s premier tourism exhib

India welcomes first-ever Tanzanian tourism delegates

MUMBAI, India (eTN) - Tanzania, the East African country of 36 million people, bordering the Indian Ocean, Kenya, Uganda, Congo and Zambia, is the latest nation to seek a part of the growing Indian o

Tanzanian president campaigns for quick African tourism development

ARUSHA, Tanzania (eTN) - Taking an advantage of the eighth Sullivan Summit here in Tanzania’s northern city of Arusha, Tanzania’s president campaigned to woo Americans of African origin, urging them to come to Africa to visit their ancestral lands in the continent.

Africa’s Eden: A hit among Sullivan summit delegated

Ngorongoro, Tanzania (eTN) - The Sullivan dignitaries mostly from US over the weekend fell in love with the "Africa's Eden" and the "8th Natural Wonder of the World," vowing to market the place back home. This collapsed volcano famous as a "caldera" is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) in the famous northern Tanzania's tourist circuit.

Tanzania appoints new tourism minister, focuses on its national parks

(eTN) – Tanzania has a new tourism minister. Appointed earlier this year, Shamsa Selengia Mwangunga is the new minister of Natural Resources and Tourism for the United Republic of Tanzania.

Kenyans vote, rich Kenyan Asians take holidays outside the country

NAIROBI, Kenya (eTN) - Fearing violence in the voting process, Kenyans of Asian origin left their country for neighboring East African states in their specially-designed holiday to avoid tribal clashes likely to erupt in various parts of the country.