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Former US military base now a thriving Philippine airport

Some say that one's man's trash could be another man's treasure.

United Airlines customer service fiasco: the final chapter

Sometime during my documented exchange with a United Airlines’ customer service representative in Houston on May 19, 2012, the switch from being a customer who had a few questions, to a journalist w

United Airlines hell, first-class style

For every United Airlines flight, United CEO Jeff Smisek offers a welcome video greeting to customers onboard. In that greeting, Smisek talks very highly of the company’s customer service efforts.

Nelson Alcantara unveils “I Come In Peace”

Travel journalist and destination critic Nelson Alcantara on Wednesday, November 23, unveiled a photo project called “I Come in Peace” through the famous networking site Facebook.

Jean Claude Baumgarten shares his Hainan dream

Jean Claude Baumgarten has spent the last 11 years of his life as the leader of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Nelson Alcantara launches Project Ilocandia

Six lucky eco-tourists/adventure travelers will be given an opportunity to be hosted by eTN editor-in-chief Nelson Alcantara for the first-ever Project Ilocandia tour.

Nelson Alcantara breaks silence about San Diego beating

It has been a little over a year since that tragic incident in San Diego.

Celeb chef Benet shares his Puerto Rico

Dining is an integral aspect of travel and tourism, how would you describe Puerto Rico’s cuisine?

Puerto Rico Tourism: It is what it isn’t

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) recently invited me to go on an American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) pre-conference familiarization trip.

The first lady of tourism speaks

(Questions for Skal International's current president, Hulya Aslantas. She tackles issues ranging from the economy to current social issues involving tourism.

ASTA takes on Delta Air Lines, plans on heading to Africa

(Questions for William A. Maloney, chief executive officer of the American Society of Travel Agents)

Executive Talk: ETOA’s Jenkins candidly addresses tourism issues

eTN: Let’s start with UK domestic tourism. It was all the hype last year. You were saying there wasn’t much need for advertising outside since the hotel rooms were being filled up.

Adventuring on Oahu’s North Shore

Wherever I go, I get asked the very same question: Where are you from? A question whose answer elicits yet another question: Do you surf? “Well, I try to,” is normally my answer.

Former American Airlines executive tells US carriers: stop making excuses

No matter what I suggest, the outcome can’t be worse than what has already happened, Robert Crandall said within the first minute of his keynote address at the recently-concluded Airline Strategy Su

Obama: Hottest new tourist attraction, but where is Hawaii’s pitch?

LONDON (eTN) – The day after the United States proclaimed Barack Obama as its new president, headlines here in the British capital resonated the same message: America is cool again.

ETOA is to apples as WTM is to oranges

LONDON (eTN) – The rain poured inexorably yesterday all over London, but this has not dampened the spirit of thousands from around the world to flock to the ExCel Exhibition Center, where this year

New era begins in Maldives amid challenges, but tourism is optimistic

It is the rising sea level and finding new homes for Maldivians that are at the top of the agenda of the newly sworn in president of the Maldives.

Italians give Zimbabwe reason to celebrate its “independence”

As Zimbabwe celebrated its Independence Day yesterday, the country’s tourism industry needs to realize one very important fact: that it’s tourism infrastructure is the envy of many African destin

Audio: Q&A with Nelson Alcantara

Nelson Alcantara asks Malaysian Tourism Minister Azalina bin Othman Said what sets her apart from previous Malaysian tourism ministers.

New era in China-US tourism begins

HONOLULU (eTN) - Signed in December 2007, the agreement between the United States and China to allow Chinese tour groups to visit the United States as leisure travelers was put into action this week. China has sent the first tour group (from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou) with an Approved Destination Status yesterday, June 17.

Frangialli to finally step down as UN tourism chief

The United Nations World Tourism Organization secretary-general Francesco Frangialli has announced he is planning to leave his post as UN’s tourism chief earlier than expected.

‘Gay Travels in the Muslim World’ author speaks

HONOLULU (eTN) - A few months ago, I was given a copy of a book to review called, “Gay Travels in the Muslim World.” Time constraints and job demands have hindered me from taking the time to give

Turkish Airlines reports 260% profit increase

ISTANBUL, Turkey (eTN) – In the days when airlines are hardly staying in business because of skyrocketing fuel prices, one airline seems to have figured out a way to go the exact opposite and actually turn in a profit.Turkish Airlines (THY) reported a first-quarter net profit of $104 million, which it said represented a 260 percent increase over last year’s figures.

Demand high for cruising in 2007

Demand high for cruising in 2007 Nelson Alcantara(eTN) - The cruise sector finished the year on a high note, judging by the success of Amadeus Waterways. According to an executive from the California-based cruise giant, last year was a great year with almost 95 percent of our cabins occupied.

Amadeus Waterways looks back at a successful year; expects 2008 to...

TravelWireNews exclusive interview with Kristin Karst, Amadeus Waterways vice president for Sales.How has 2007 been for AW?