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Record number of visitors in 2007 for controversial Aruba

The spotlight for the first time in the last few years is being diverted from the unfortunate Natalee Holloway case to Aruba’s tourism industry. Amid the controversy, record numbers of British sun seekers are discovering the sun drenched Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba, it was revealed yesterday.

US still drives business to Aruba after Holloway case closed

Nassau, Bahamas (eTN) - Aruba’s recent tourism numbers are expected to look positive compared to previous years. Travel & Tourism in Aruba was expected to rake in US$2354.9 million in economic activity as of 2007 end.

Aruba closes case on Natalee Holloway

(eTN) - On the phone yesterday morning to Beth Twitty, mother of Natalee Holloway, eTurbo News did not get much of a reaction. Twitty is obviously still shaken by the end of further investigations into her daughter’s disappearance in the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba since May 2005. Authorities have closed the case saying on Tuesday they do not have evidence to charge anyone.