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Space Shuttle Atlantis, the new home of the historic spacecraft, launches...

3…2…1…lift off! Space Shuttle Atlantis, the new $100-million, 90,000-square-foot home of the historic spacecraft, launches June 29 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

NASA’s Destination Station exhibit opens In Mesa, Arizona

HOUSTON, Texas - Arizonans can get a sense of what spaceflight is like starting today, as NASA's Destination Station exhibit opens at the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa.

NASA calls for new commercial crew proposals

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As part of NASA's ongoing efforts to foster development of a U.S.

NASA to hand over Shuttle Trainer ‘keys’ to Seattle Museum

HOUSTON, Tex. - NASA's Johnson Space Center will officially handover the "keys" to the Space Shuttle Full Fuselage Trainer to the Seattle Museum of Flight in a ceremony at 8:30 a.m.

Bolden: NASA will work to resolve artifact ownership issues

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden regarding the ownership of early space exploration mementos and artifacts:

Virgin Galactic appoints former NASA executive as VP of Operations

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - Virgin Galactic is pleased to announce the appointment of former NASA executive Michael P. Moses as the Vice President of Operations.

Electric airplane industry gets boost from NASA

NASA has awarded the largest prize in aviation history, created to inspire the development of more fuel-efficient aircraft and spark the start of a new electric airplane industry.

NASA invites 150 Twitter followers to launch of Jupiter-bound spacecraft

WASHINGTON - NASA has invited 150 followers of the agency's Twitter account to a two-day launch Tweetup Aug. 4-5.

NASA invites public to “virtual dinner” with final shuttle crew

HOUSTON - The public can share a virtual dinner with the final space shuttle crew on Thursday, July 14 by preparing grilled chicken, barbecue brisket, baked beans and Southwestern corn at home using N

NASA plans air pollution flight over Maryland on July 11

WASHINGTON - NASA's DISCOVER-AQ air quality field campaign is scheduled to take to the skies over the Baltimore-Washington traffic corridor and northeast Maryland on Monday, July 11, from 11 a.m.

Special press conference an hour after Story Musgrave’s arrival

The top NASA astronaut, Dr. Story Musgrave, will give his first live press conference on the topic of "Space Tourism and Travel Summit," immediately after his arrival in Bulgaria.

NASA astronaut gives video press conference in Bulgaria

US NASA Astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave ( www.StoryMusgrave.com and http://www.lannistoria.com/afs-show.htm ) is an icon in the space industry and an extraordinary man in life.

NASA developing prototype to help aircraft avoid ocean storms and turbulence

While the cause of the tragic loss of Air France Flight 447 has yet to be determined, what we do know for sure is that the aircraft was flying through turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean at the time th

Airline safety survey remains mystery

Years after thousands of pilots told NASA about their in-flight safety experiences and NASA shut down the survey without divulging any findings, the pilots' views remain a mystery.

“Discovery” finally lifts off, launches new Puerto Rican hero

Kennedy Space Center, Florida (eTN) - At 7:43 pm (ET), STS-119 (Space Transportation System flight 119) Discovery took off, manned by seven astronauts on a mission to install the new solar wings, as w

Lockheed Martin-built Phoenix spacecraft successfully lands on Mars

NASA has a new spacecraft operating on the surface of Mars. This afternoon, the Phoenix Mars Lander, built by Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT ), navigated a dramatic blazing descent through the planet's atmosphere, positioning Phoenix to dig down and touch the planet's subsurface ice.

Air Transport Association Statement on NASA NAOMS Study

WASHINGTON (TVLW) - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization representing the leading U.S. airlines, today issued the following statement regarding the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) release of the National Aviation Operations Monitoring Service (NAOMS) study:

NASA Offers Airline Safety Data

Washington(eTN) — NASA on Monday released an intentionally scrambled, partly deleted version of the safety data it gathered from 24,000 interviews with airline pilots, making good on a promise to Congress to make public information that it said earlier this year would shake public confidence in the airlines and threaten their commercial interest.