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Put Foot Rally ready to take off in South Africa

(eTN) - "The greatest social rally on the face of the Earth" kicks off from the shadow of the great mountain in Cape Town!

Drones to help protect wildlife in Namibia

The World Wildlife Fund will start testing a new drone surveillance program in Namibia next month that aims to coordinate data from the air and ground to give park rangers an edge over poachers, accor

Hunting in Namibia’s national parks

(eTN) - There was a report in the media that the Namibia Minister of Environment wants to award hunting concessions in national parks.

Regardless of annual cull seal tourism booming in Namibia

Tourists by the busload visit the Cape Cross Seal Reserve daily to see Cape Fur seals, regardless of the fact that a few hours before they enter the reserve, scores of seal pups are killed as part of

Namibia Tourism Board releases Namibia iPad app

LONDON, England - When is the best time to travel? What type of clothes should I pack? Where is the capital of Windhoek located and how many species of wildlife can I find in Etosha National Park?

Namibia hopes to tap into Arabian tourism market

DUBAI, UAE - Namibia has entered the race to win the Middle East tourism market though it faces stiff competition from neighbouring countries within Southern Africa, which are all seeking to boost the

Namibia wants Mideast tourists

Namibia is taking the first steps in diversifying its tourism source markets and product offerings in an attempt to remain competitive and attractive to potential tourists at a time when the countries

Cheetah attacks Norwegian tourist in Namibia

Harnas — A 22-year-old Norwegian woman was attacked and injured by a hungry cheetah on the Harnas game farm, situated some 112 kilometres east of Gobabis in the Omaheke Region.

Namibia’s tourism sector becomes very competitive

WINDHOEK, Namibia — The tourism sector has become very competitive, as the competitive advantage is no longer natural but increasingly man-made, driven by science, technology and innovation.

Namibia mayor says tourists should be exposed to the poor

The mayor of Windhoek in Namibia, Elaine Trepper, at the opening of the 2011 Namibia Tourism Expo on Wednesday, said that visitors to the country should not only be shown how well-off Namibians are li

Namibia wins Best Tourism Board award at Safari Travel Awards

The Namibia Tourism Board is delighted to announce that it has recently been awarded Best Tourism Board in Africa at the Good Safari Guide Awards 2011.

Traveling the Four Corners of Africa

(eTN) - The Four Corners is a name which is often given to this part of the world because it is the only place where four countries meet at a point – Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia.

Namibian tourism sector has great potential for employment creation

Federation of Namibia Tourism Associations (Fenata) Chief Executive Officer, Jackie Asheeke, has said while the tourism sector has great potential for employment creation, more people can be absorbed

Namibian tourism seeks local support

A number of players in the tourism sector have joined the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) to promote domestic tourism.The NTB's campaign is called 'Local Tourism Is Nawa'.

Namibia welcomes the world

(eTN) - Namibia hosted its 11th Annual Namibia Tourism Expo last month and the country’s tourism authorities are happy to report that visitors and exhibitors alike were enthusiastic about the offeri

Time for Namibia to stop barbaric culling of seals, see animals’...

The annual culling of thousands of Cape fur seal pups will start next month and animal rights groups are calling on Namibia to stop the barbaric killings and rather make money from the animals' touris

Namibia improves air safety record

Figures on aircraft accidents and incidents that were recorded in Namibia over the first six months of the year indicate that this has been the safest first half of the year for the country's aviation

Angola-Namibia tourism cooperation agreement signed

The Namibian and Angolan governments have signed an agreement on jointly developing and promoting tourism activities between the two countries, visiting Namibian Minister of Tourism Netumbo Nandi Ndai

Namibia: UN agencies appeal for $3 million for victims of torrential...

More than $2,700 000 dollars is urgently needed to support the government of Namibia in responding to the plight of up to 350,000 people hit by widespread floods, a United Nations spokesperson said Mo

Namibia projects tourism industry performance for 2009

At the request of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Feneta gave the Namibia tourism industry an overview of sector performance in 2009 in the wake of the deepening global economic crisis.

Tourists fall victim to credit card fraud

A Portuguese couple say they lost about 8 000 euros (N$96 000) to credit card fraud after visiting Namibia last year, and they suspect the involvement of Namibian service staff.

Tourism newcomers make their case at IIPT conference

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (eTN) – At the ongoing International Institute for Peace through Tourism European Conference, currently being held at the Stendan University, two countries have made clea

Elephant shot dead ‘for braai’ in front of tourists

An elephant was shot dead - allegedly for a local chief's "braaivleis party" - in front of several tourists in the Bwabwata Park in the Caprivi Region last week, causing many of the shocked visitors t

Tourist tells of safari gun raid

A Sussex tourist has told how he and his wife were subjected to a "truly terrifying" raid by armed bandits at a secluded safari camp in Namibia.Nick and Maggi Bradgate, of Crowborough, East Sussex, were with seven other tourists and three guides, when the attack happened.He said: "Our tents were slashed. We were dragged from our tents. One of them said 'Don't look or we kill you'."

Finnish travel journalists have chosen Namibia as their top international travel...

The honorary award was announced at the Nordic Travel Fair, Matka 2008, in Helsinki on January 17."Namibia is a rising tourism country and an excellent instance of an African country developing its tourist industry in an exemplary manner," the Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists said in a statement issued in Helsinki yesterday.

Five tourists, pilot killed in Nambia air crash

WINDHOEK - Five foreign tourists and their pilot have been killed in the southern African nation of Namibia after their light aircraft crashed into a house on take-off, aviation officials said.They said the five dead tourists were believed to be from Israel, although there was no immediate confirmation from the Israeli authorities.