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UN to Kenya: Stop organized harassment of human rights defenders

Kenyan law enforcement agencies have systematically harassed and intimidated human rights defenders, a United Nations independent expert said, expressing outrage at threats made against those who have

Kenya government gifts major hotel to Libya for peanuts

In an apparent cloak and dagger action, shrouded by secrecy and leaks, the Kenyan government appears to have sold the prestigious Grand Regency Hotel for a pittance of less than 3 billion Kenya shilli

Kenya violence flare up, no cause for major concern, yet

(eTN) - After reaching a landmark political agreement under the guidance of former UN supremo Kofi Annan, the two main protagonists in Kenyan politics seemed well on the way towards a joint government.

Flights halted as Kenya violence continues

(eTN) - All air operations depending on AVGAS and JetA1 aviation fuel have been halted across Uganda due to the lack of available fuel, after the reserves in Entebbe and Kajjansi have run low.

Kenyans vote, rich Kenyan Asians take holidays outside the country

NAIROBI, Kenya (eTN) - Fearing violence in the voting process, Kenyans of Asian origin left their country for neighboring East African states in their specially-designed holiday to avoid tribal clashes likely to erupt in various parts of the country.