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Worst incident of terrorism against tourists in history

"I want to leave this bastard land of the Taliban for any other country, even for a desert", said a source when he told eTN about the killing of 10 foreign tourists as the worst incident of terrorism

Russian tourist kills fellow traveler in Vietnam

MOSCOW, Russia - A Russian tourist died after a fight with his compatriot and fellow-traveler in a coastal city of Nha Trang in southern Vietnam, The Tuoi Tre News website reported.

Dutch tourist confesses to murdering British backpacker

The Dutch tourist who was arrested for the alleged murder of a British woman would be subjected to psychoanalysis to ascertain his mental health.

Jalisco state tourism minister killed in Mexico

A recently appointed tourism minister in Mexico's western Jalisco state has been assassinated, authorities have said.

American tourist murdered in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, Turkey - An American tourist whose body was found in the ruins of Istanbul's old city wall was murdered by a blow to the head, the city's police chief was quoted as saying on Sunday.

Thai suspect arrested over murder of UK visitor

Police in Thailand have arrested a man in connection with the killing of a British tourist who was shot dead at a New Year's Eve party after getting caught in the crossfire of a gunfight between two l

St. Maarten issues statement concerning murders of 2 Americans

Officials of the government of St. Maarten issued an immediate statement upon hearing about the murder of two American citizens in St. Maarten:

French police: Murdered Brits did not have “tourist profiles”

The families of three Britons killed in a shooting spree in the French Alps said they were “heartbroken” by their deaths but “touched by the expressions of sympathy from people all over the worl

Zanzibar ferry disaster culprits charged in court with murder

(eTN) - Eleven people, including the captain, and some of his crew and staff in charge of load controlling and operations of the ill-fated ferry MV Spice Islander, which sank off Zanzibar en route to

2 Palestinian bandits given 3 life sentences for murder of US...

The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday sentenced two suspects in the murder of Kristine Luken, an American tourist who was stabbed to death in the Jerusalem hills, to a total of three life terms.

Australian tourist murdered in Tel Aviv hotel

An Australian tourist was found stabbed to death in the Dan Panorama hotel in Tel Aviv.

French tourists “viciously killed” in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Police in Argentina are investigating the slaying of two French tourists who were found dead near a hiking trail, authorities said.

UK tourist killed, his brother wounded in Venezuela

Thomas Ossel, from Bedfordshire, was fatally shot in the jaw while his brother Jack was wounded but survived.

Murder of Canadian woman investigated in Costa Rica

PUERTO JIMENEZ, Costa Rica — The death of a Canadian woman is treated as a homicide by local authorities, Costa Rican media reported Saturday.

Murder of prominent gay rights activist in Uganda condemned

The United Nations today condemned the murder of a prominent gay activist and human rights defender in Uganda and called on the Government to ensure the security of gays in a country where homosexuali

Mauritius hotel valets accused of killing British tourist

Three people including employees of Legends Hotel were on Wednesday accused by the Mauritius police of having killed Michaela Harte, a 27-year-old teacher from Northern Ireland who had come to Mauriti

Explosive revelations about murder of UK tourist to emerge in court

Explosive revelations about the murder of UK honeymoon bride Anni Dewani in South Africa on Nov. 13 will emerge in court on Monday, the Sunday Times newspaper in Johannesburg reported on Sunday.

Police: No comment on tourist murder investigation

Western Cape police refused to divulge any information in the Anni Dewani murder investigation.

Man arrested in newlywed Cape Town murder

CAPE TOWN, South Africa - Western Cape community safety provincial minister Albert Fritz said today, "I can now confirm that a 26-year-old male was arrested in Khayelitsha in the early hours of this m

Suspect in killing of US tourist arrested in US Virgin Islands

A 22-year-old suspect has been charged in the shooting death of a teenage tourist in the U.S.

Journalist killed during hotel and casino robbery in South Africa

Johannesburg - A North West journalist was shot dead during an armed robbery at a hotel and casino in Mafikeng, police said on Thursday.

Dominican charged with murder of American tourist in Antigua held without...

Dominican Tishara Daniel, charged with the murder of United States national Nina Elizabeth Nilssen in Antigua, was denied bail when he appeared before an All Saints Magistrate on Monday.

Cruise-ship passenger murdered in Antigua


Australian tourist robbed and killed in Sihanoukville

According to an AFP press release, an Australian man was murdered in the popular Cambodian seaside resort of Sihanoukville, police say.

Tourists flock to the site of Amadou Diallo’s death

The Bronx street where police fired 41 shots at an unarmed black man in 1999 has become an unlikely tourist attraction, according to the Daily News.

Tourists to Kenya safe, no connection with murder of expatriate

A prominent British expatriate gemstone expert, Mr.

Puerto Rico man sentenced to 105 years for tourist murder

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A Puerto Rico judge sentenced the son of a convicted killer to 105 years in prison Monday for the kidnapping, rape and murder of a pregnant Georgia tourist who made a despera

Pirates who killed British tourist in Thailand will not be tried...

Malcolm Robertson, 64, was beaten to death and thrown overboard during a hi-jacking on his yacht off Bintang Island in Tarutao National Marine Park on Tuesday morning in Thailand.

Brazilian airline founder faces murder accusations

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — For the second time in a month, Brazilian authorities have asked for a murder indictment against a co-founder of Brazil's No.