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Tag: Mesa Air

Statement issued after deadly Boeing 767-300 crash in Houston

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- February 25, 2019 03:25

Miami to Houston was a deadly flight for the crew on Atlas Air Worldwide. The Boeing 767-300 crashed out of unknown reason into a bay outside Houston, Texas, killing everyone ... Read More

Mesa Air aims to cash out of China venture

editor editor- August 21, 2008 04:28

Mesa Air Group disclosed Tuesday that it hopes to cash out of its highly touted China venture, the latest evidence of its struggle to stay afloat. Read More

Mesa Air fighting Delta on loss of contract

editor editor- August 7, 2008 03:28

Mesa Air Group is due to lose another chunk of commuter-flight business from Delta Airlines, a move Delta blamed on the airline's poor performance. Read More

Mesa Air insists it can recover from setbacks

editor editor- April 15, 2008 04:55

PHOENIX — Mesa Air Group has long been Phoenix's under-the-radar airline, quietly flying short hops for US Airways and other major carriers on its way to $1 billion in annual ... Read More