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It’s crowded at the top

LONDON - Soaring aircraft leasing costs, unexpected maintenance problems and an oil price sticking stubbornly above $100 a barrel are giving a new breed of all-business airlines a bumpy ride.

The premium airline’s collapse owes as much to managerial mistakes as...

(TVLW) - Most chief executives wind down in the run-up to Christmas - but not William Stockbridge. In the past few weeks Stockbridge, the chief executive of Maxjet, has worked furiously to rescue the business airline he founded just four years ago.

Continental Airlines to Accept MAXjet Airways Tickets

HOUSTON (TVLW) - Continental Airlines has announced that it will accept tickets for standby travel from passengers who were originally scheduled to fly on MAXjet Airways following that airline's cessation of service.

All business-class airline Maxjet declares bankruptcy

WASHINGTON (TVLW) — Maxjet, a two-year-old company that touted itself as the first low-fare business class airline, has declared bankruptcy due to rising fuel costs, its president said."It is with deep regret that I must inform you that Maxjet filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 24 December 2007," said president and CEO William Stockbridge in a statement.