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Islamists’ takeover takes Timbuktu off tourist maps

When turban-swathed Tuareg rebels swept into Timbuktu last Sunday to plant the flag of their northern Mali homeland, they found very few tourists in the bars, hotels, museums, mosques and libraries of

How safe is Mali?

Following the recent kidnapping of three tourists - one of which is a Dutchman - and the killing of a German in the town of Timbuktu in North Mali, the all-important question is: How safe is Mali?

Armed bandits kidnap three tourists, kill fourth in Timbuktu

An armed gang of kidnappers has abducted three tourists and killed a fourth in the city of Timbuktu in northern Mali, security sources said.

UK issues terror warning for travel to Timbuktu

The UK government is urging tourists not to visit Timbuktu in northern Mali because of the threat of terrorism.

British tourist reportedly executed by al Qaida in Mali

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has condemned the reported execution of a British tourist captured by a branch of al Qaida in Mali.

UNWTO executive council elects the right person for SG post

Sources from Bamako, Mali, where the ongoing executive council meeting of the United Nations World Tourism Organization is being held, have confirmed that Jordan’s Taleb Rifai has been selected to b

Mali and Niger hunt for kidnapped tourists in Sahara

BAMAKO - Security forces from Mali and Niger are scouring their shared border for four abducted Europeans but there is still no sign of the tourists, officials from both countries said.

Mali says Tuareg rebels abduct group of tourists

BAMAKO - Tuareg rebels in eastern Mali abducted a group of European tourists on Thursday, a senior Malian military officer said.