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Travelers still checking bags despite fees

CHICAGO, Ill. - With the airlines collecting record bag fees, some 55 percent of all travelers still check their luggage either all or some of the time.

Six clever ways to outsmart baggage fees

PENNINGTON, N.J. - According to a recent report, U.S.

My Planet Travel Awards announces new partner for 2011 awards

My Planet Travel Awards is delighted to announce that DELSEY has become a partner of the 2011 awards.

Ho ho holiday travel tips

DALLAS - December is the busiest travel month of the year with hotel bookings reaching the highest numbers annually.

American Airlines changing interiors of its older Boeing 737s

American Airlines is stripping the interiors of its older Boeing 737s to increase the amount of overhead luggage space, squeeze more seats in and add new TVs.

Spirit CEO: Luggage not essential for travel, who needs bags?

Most people are on Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza's case for telling Congress the other day that bringing luggage is "not essential" to airline travel.

Bypassing airline baggage fees

In the first quarter of 2010, the U.S. airline industry made more than $760 million in revenue from baggage fees, an increase of 33 percent over the same period last year.

Ten things baggage handlers will not say

1. “Don’t pack light—we need the money.”

Will carry-on fees end overweight luggage overhead?

It appears that Spirit Airlines' latest fee levy for carry-on luggage was the straw that broke the camel's back. Passengers have simply had enough of the never-ending deluge of airline fees.

If you have to pay for your luggage why keep feeding...

The solution to the airlines’ harrying, confusing, ever-changing, and always increasing luggage fees, as well as long airport check-in lines, may just be to have your luggage shipped to your destina

Canada has the right idea when it comes to carryons

Because of the failed Christmas Day bomb attempt on board a plane bound for Detroit from Amsterdam, security measures in Canada were tightened.

Spirit Airlines to charge for use of the overhead bin

It had to happen, we guess. Spirit Airlines is going to charge to use their overhead bins - as much as US$45 each way for a carry-on bag.

United Airlines offers overnight baggage shipping

United Airlines has announced a promotion whereby it will ship passengers' bags overnight to their destination at a cost lower than it would be to check the bags onto the plane.

Delta soaks luggage in deicing fluid

Michael Jobin and a group of friends had just returned from a great vacation on a Caribbean cruise when they arrived at baggage claim in Denver to a highly unusual, and unpleasant surprise.

Bag fees going up on Virgin America

Virgin America increased its baggage fees for all bookings made on or after February 12, 2010, for travel on or after March 1, 2010.

Sick of paying airline baggage fees? Just say no and ship...

Now that the airlines have raised, yet again, their fees for checked bags, it’s time to take another look at the alternative: shipping your bags, or better yet (if you’re staying in one place once

Refusal to rob passengers separates Southwest from the rest of the...

One way Southwest Airlines differentiates itself is by charging much less for handling passengers' bags.Dallas-based Southwest allows passengers to check in up to two bags for free.

Luggage theft in Phoenix nets at least a thousand bags

Earlier this week an alert Phoenix police officer broke-up a luggage theft ring that had been going on for months and, perhaps, a year or more.

American Airlines increases checked bag charges

American Airlines announced today that charges for checking a first or second bag will increase for domestic-travel tickets that are purchased on or after August 14, 2009.

How to get through to the airline that refuses to listen?...

Halifax band Sons of Maxwell have taken their battle with United Airlines over a broken guitar to YouTube.And it seems the U.S. airline is listening.

Terrified tourists refuse to become human ballast on the plane

PALMA, Spain - Tourists refused to board a plane on Spain's Majorca island after being told to sit in the back "to help balance the jet," The Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

US Airways refunds California woman US$3,300 for ruined vacation

In August 2008, Lily Alejandria, a working mother with two children in Folsom, California, organized a dream vacation - a European cruise - for her husband and a few close friends.

Airline policy hampers charity medical mission

SARASOTA - Volunteers with a Sarasota-based medical mission are planning a trip to the Amazon next month. They want to take medical and construction supplies to help children and people with HIV.

US Airways to charge more for checked baggage at airport

US Airways says it will charge passengers an extra $5 per bag to check luggage at the airport rather than online.

Lost-luggage class-action lawsuit against British Airways moves forward

British Airways passengers attempting to hold the airline accountable for losing an estimated one million pieces of luggage received some good news today when a District Court judge ruled a nationwide

Airline employee: Co-workers often pillage luggage

Though airline ticket prices are dropping, passengers may be paying in other ways.

Yale student sues airline for $1M over lost Xbox

CINCINNATI — A Yale University student from Ohio has filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million from US Airways for a video game console he says was taken from his luggage.

“The fewer bags you check, the fewer bags you lose”

Airlines lost 1.3 million fewer bags in 2008, as more passengers wheeled, dragged and toted their luggage aboard planes to avoid paying new fees to check bags, federal data show.

Continental says luggage fee to generate $100 mln

CHICAGO - Continental Airlines on Thursday said it expects to see $100 million in revenue and cost savings related to a new $15 dollar bag-check fee.

Airline bag fees face uncertain future

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Large airlines are reporting millions of dollars of new revenue from recently introduced bag-checking fees, but whether the practice can continue remains an open question.