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Gulf low-cost carriers flying high

The global financial turmoil coupled with the rising cost of fuel has dented profits in the global aviation industry.

Hearts out to Paris with Air Asia X

(eTN) - Where most airlines fear to tread, Air Asia goes in without hesitation. This is clearly illustrated with Air Asia X’s plans for New Zealand.

East Africa hoping for Fly Dubai interest

(eTN) - The announcement earlier this week that Dubai’s own low-cost airline, Fly Dubai, is eyeing over 40 destinations by the end of 2011, has raised hope and interest in Eastern African aviation c

Fly Dubai now set for Addis flights

(eTN) - Dubai’s own low-cost airline, Fly Dubai, has just announced the launch of a new destination, Addis Ababa, as it eyes further expansion into Africa.

V Australia to launch direct flights to South Africa

V Australia, Sir Richard Branson's Australian international airline, will launch direct flights between Johannesburg, South Africa and Melbourne, Australia beginning early next year.

Air Arabia set for Nairobi

The Sharjah / United Arab Emirates based first Gulf low-cost airline is now set for flights between Nairobi and Sharjah beginning at the end of October.

Cheap seats can be fine, but be aware of the drawbacks

When traveling abroad, you can drop $20 on dinner (mere sustenance), a trinket (hello, closet) - or a flight to another city or country (how economical and adventurous).