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Love is… Sultans of the Seas – on cloud nine with...

Couples experience a true love story on board the yacht Sultans Way 007 with which they gently float through the Maldives’ waters.

Love is… Les Etangs de Corot – on cloud nine with...

Les Etangs de Corot is situated in the picturesque natural landscape of Ville d’Avray, only a 15-minute drive from the city of love: Paris.

Love is… Dunton Hot Springs – on cloud nine with Little...

To celebrate a romantic wedding in a ghost town eventually sounds like a fairy tale, but is possible at Dunton Hot Springs.

Survey: Love really is in the air for Brits

LONDON, England - The British have always thought of themselves as old romantics and new findings reveal this is still the case as money doesn't stand in the way of true love, according to a survey by

Destination news: love, tolerance, harmony, patriotism and unity on Seychelles Independence...

On the occasion of Seychelles' Independence Day, June 29, 2010, President James Michel issued the following public statement:

Elevating the happiness and love quotients in the hospitality industry

A unique, energizing, fun, playful, and meaningful workshop will take place at the Regal Hotel in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, on May 4, 2010 by the two hilarious gentlemen who rocked the ITB convention (

Prague – the city of history and love in the heart...

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It has an area of 496 km2 and is home to 1,200,000 people.

Agoda.com shares the love on Valentine’s Day

Agoda.com, a leading Asia-based hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline.com, is ramping up the romance this Valentine’s Day with an array of seductive room rates for couples wanting t

Fall in love with Amari

Amari, Thailand’s leading hotel group, epitomizing modern Asian hospitality, is introducing an exciting, new, and vibrant concept, "Love." Amari "Love" will be portrayed in several ways: Amari’s l

Making Cape Town 2010 a love affair not a one night...

While issues of Cape Town’s readiness, safety and security and transport infrastructure have dominated global headlines in the run-up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, fears of being fleeced are now to

The love-hate relationship with Iraqi tourists

When Hardi Omer, a 25-year-old Kurdish man, landed at Beirut International Airport, he was very happy and excited - it was his first time in Lebanon as a tourist.

Visitors must learn to love Naples for its rubbish and filth,...

Claudio Velardi, 53, took the job of luring tourists to Italy's dirtiest and most criminal city at a time when Neapolitans are rioting over the mountains of rubbish lying in the streets. The crisis, which arose after the city's dumps became full and collections halted, continues to worsen.

Airline pilots fill airwaves with love talk

MANILA, Philippines - Love is in the airwaves, literally. Besides “10-4,” exchanges of “1-4-3” fill the restricted aviation radio frequency on days like this as airline pilots deviate from strict transmission protocol to pursue the hearts of female air traffic controllers (ATCs).