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Learn to live like the locals when on vacation

Looking to create lasting travel memories? Learning to live like the locals when you're on vacation is the way to go.

Uganda: Devaluation – while tourists smile the locals cry

UGANDA (eTN) - When the Uganda Shilling hit a record low of 2.500 versus one US Dollar over the weekend, foreign visitors had reason to smile for getting a lot more out of their hard currency transact

Saudi Arabia attempts to boost domestic tourism

Saudi Arabia is trying to tempt locals to holiday at home by building higher-quality hotels and resorts to counter a sharp decline in domestic tourism.

Goa’s Parsenkar: Russians tourists have all kinds of vices

PANAJI - Russians tourists who come to Goa have "all kinds of vices", the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) state unit chief Laxmikant Parsenkar Sunday said, calling on the local people not to "encourage

Arusha National Park welcomes local visitors

TANAPA, the managers of protected wildlife areas in Tanzania, put a special package for Tanzanian citizens on the market over the holiday period to bring added visitors numbers to the Arusha National

Mexico’s lack of tourists makes way for locals

MEXICO CITY — It was truly a lonely planet Saturday for street vendors and restaurateurs in Mexico City's favorite tourist spots.

Myagdi locals beat up Aussie tourist

Locals of Tatopani in Myagdi beat up an Australian tourist named Don last Wednesday following a dispute over liquor price at a local restaurant.Don sustained injury in the head and there were beating marks all over his body.

Trouble in Paradise: Kauai vs. tourists

KOLOA, Kauai — This winter's candlelight vigils and banner-waving protesters are gone, their legal challenges exhausted. Soon, bulldozers could roll past Koloa's wooden sidewalks, clucking chickens and stop sign plastered with a "Die Developers Die" bumper sticker, ready to transform a ragtag grove of monkeypod trees into a shopping center.